Resurrection ‘services’ in the Pact Worlds #Starfinder

This post is a creative piece offering some ideas for the Starfinder roleplaying game. Any resemblance to real life entities are purely coincidental. Please feel free to use this content in your own campaign or discuss or expand on these ideas in the comments.

“Death’s Door”, AbadarCorp

This service provided by the largest commercial centres of the Abadar Faith where a high enough level Mystic is in attendance to cast a raise dead on the deceased. The spell is covered by the Death’s Door insurance policy offered by the Church to the faithful (or those who pay enough to be considered among the faithful). Such a policy is usually paid in monthly instalments (e.g. 1,000 per month) with some limitations (a maximum of two resurrections within a calendar year). It is also available as a ‘conversion rite’ for those without the insurance policy, whereby the recently deceased is assumed to be a convert to the faith in exchange for a large up-front charge before the raise dead is then cast (costing ~11,000 credits). The insurance policy is promoted on media networks amid proselytising adverts for the faith’s various services with the slogan “Divine Defence against Premature Demise”. The conversion rite  service is only offered if terms and conditions are signed off by a relative or legal guardian of the deceased – the Church takes no responsibility for any societal, legal or familial issues caused by returning the individual back to life. As mentioned in the spell description there are after-effects of being returned to life, these can be mitigated by the Church’s professional carers for an additional fee.

Bloodspine Necrograft

A highly invasive alternative to resurrection is this necrograft implantation. It is tantamount to embracing undeath as the entire spinal column and parts of the brain are replaced by Sayona-sourced implants. Given the extensive nature of this necrograft no mark 1 or 2 variant is available, it is simply too expensive and complex a procedure to do for less money. A select few Elebrian medical clinics on Eox offer this procedure no questions asked, at ~30,000 credits for the ‘cheapest’ mark 3 version, it is not a treatment for average earners. When implanted the grant effectively provides the benefits of a raise dead spell to the recipient – they are raised back to living status albeit with the necrograft subtype as per standard necrograft rules. Each tier of necrograft offers the recipient a variable amount of (un)life, with it lasting 3-5 years per tier (from 9-15 years for a mark 3 on up to 15-25 years for a mark 5). The grafts are rare and not 100% stable, there is a tendency for the implant to necrotise surrounding tissues if the implant is not perfectly installed. Such risks are covered in the contract that the recipient or their legal guardian is required to sign before the operation commences.

Digitalisation, Automatrix Robotics (Aballon)

By this as yet rare and experimental technological process, a recently deceased humanoid can be reconstructed and, in a sense reincarnated, as a medium-sized Sentient Robotic Organism (SRO). Their body’s DNA/RNA is scanned and their brain is analysed through a secret and rather invasive process in order to implant a new SRO robotic body with their memories and experiences. The process functions mechanically as the reincarnation spell although the resulting body is always a SRO. As with the spell, the process is not guaranteed to work if the recipient died more than one week ago, the monument component for the spell is not required here. The recipient’s mortal body is lost to the procedure, however. The anacites that manage and perform the process are part of an experimental division of Automatrix Robotics. They take petitions for the procedure through their Infosphere site directly. No detailed information is given on costs or terms and conditions, rumours on the Infosphere regarding this secretive procedure contradict one another wildly on how many credits or what else it might cost: ranging from claims of it being a free service in the name of Triune to it requiring a ‘transaction fee’ of 4,000 or more credits.

Android ‘renewal’

Renewal is only available to Androids – it is not a form of resurrection in the traditional/magical sense, but rather a custom of the Android playable race whereby an Android will voluntarily ‘release’ their body for another Android soul to use after a century or so (see the Starfinder Rulebook p43 for details). It is possible that a worthy Android whose demise is felt to be premature may get one more body to inhabit through this custom.

Independent mystics

Players in need of resurrection services may come across myriad other faiths or even independent mystics who can cast a raise dead or reincarnation spell to bring back a fallen comrade. Fees vary according to the local economy, plus there might be specific religious or mundane requirements beyond simply a stiff charge of credit.

All prices and services are subject to the individual Gamemaster’s approval and setting requirements. This post is based on entries in the Starfinder Core and the Pact Worlds rulebooks, please see these source for more details on specific locations or aspects of the Starfinder setting.

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