Lessons learned and inspiration gained #Blaugust2019

We’re into September (how exactly is it the end of summer already!?) and therefore the end of Blaugust too. According to the schedule this is the Lessons Learned wrap-up week. Personally, I managed twelve posts in August, and seven specifically Blaugust themed ones.

It was a very slow start to the month for the blog mainly due to a very busy couple of weeks with lots of travel coinciding perfectly with the event’s first week. That said when I settled back into a normal routine later in the month certain gaming events have provided a lot of inspiration for posts. WoW Classic’s launch especially has the blogosphere buzzing.

In terms of blogging lessons learned I’d simply state that I’m feeling settled back into writing again after the short hiatus earlier this year. I’m enjoying MMO gaming at the moment; with way more that I want to achieve than there is time to do so. Feeling motivated in several different games naturally helps to feed the blog as well.

I’ve been mostly playing WoW Classic since its launch, and will get a good number of blog posts from it no doubt, but the highlight has been the group leveling – static leveling groups in any MMO are my preferred playstyle if I’m honest. It’s how I got started in World of Warcraft all those years ago and how I’ve mostly played the game – in a duo, trio or larger group.

This leads me to an idea for a future gaming project, I really want to play some Everquest 2 on a progression server but with a leveling group – to see all the low level content and dungeons through a different lens than the over-powered, super-fast leveling character progression of the live servers. I’ve participated in previous progression server launches before but only half-halfheartedly, and always solo. I think the next time one gets launched I’ll be ready to commit to it more completely in the hope of getting a more ‘classic’ experience of how that game too can have a slower, more cautious pace.

Blaugust 2019 has provided such a wealth of reading and ideas, but also some inspiration to take forward in the months ahead!

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  1. Isey says:

    I hope the WoW classic phenomenon helps shape the future WoW design choices. I guess it depends on how long it stays strong.

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