Staying motivated #Blaugust2019

It’s the final week of Blaugust 2019 and the topic is “staying motivated” according to the schedule. I’ve not had much of an issue with blogging these last few weeks; anyone would think some major MMORPG event has happened or something. Indeed, this post would have gone live earlier in the week if not for me having so much else to write about…

Outside of the rare industry-shaking mega-event, or even the relatively more modest but still game changing launch of a new expansion or beta or whatever, it can be harder to keep coming up with topics and fresh insights though.

In a sense this topic loops back around to the start of Blaugust, the types of content and idea generation suggestions still apply if motivation is flagging or ideas are running low. In a sense this is a particularly interesting time to be a blogger, especially if you’re blogging about online gaming. Even if World of Warcraft Classic proves to be a flash in the pan it has generated such a lot of content and buzz, that there is plenty of posts to comment on, to write reply-posts about or to spin a tangential topic from.

As normal I prefer my blog to avoid becoming too “single topic” so I deliberately spend thinking time on generating ideas across several MMOs and some tabletop RPG ideas as well. Keeping track of them all is vital; I use a Google Doc currently, but have also used various word documents or text files in the past. Don’t let any ideas escape! You never know when they might suddenly take on a life of their own or even inspire a completely different post. Sometimes just playing a game I haven’t for a while can give me new ideas.

I rarely force writing, it’s something I enjoy doing anyway but sometimes the words flow and sometimes they do not. Hence the need for keeping drafts in WordPress or notes somewhere on fragments or just titles for potential posts. Since this is a hobby for me that’s fine, I can set my own post schedule and break it when necessary, but usually having an aim to post X times a week helps to keep me motivated overall.

It also helps that I am amble to plan in time at breakfast or on lunch breaks to at least think about potential posts – even if there isn’t long enough to write on, having it sketched out can save a lot of time later. That can be a useful motivational trick. If I have the structure of the post already sorted, and some idea of screenshots I might want to use or take for it, then generally the actual writing isn’t so daunting or time-consuming.

As I’ve written already, I find other blogs to be a great source of inspiration and motivation for my own efforts. So, keep on reading other people’s blogs and the ideas will flow!

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