Souvenir hunt #EQ2

Last night I found some time to do the week 1 quest of Days of Summer in Everquest 2. This year Yun Zi wants my character to collect souvenirs, rather than to just visit places and tell him stories. Week one saw my Inquisitor bell travelling to the Sinking Sands zone to visit three different instanced areas in search of trinkets. The screenshots in this post may feature some spoilers, so come back to read the post if you haven’t completed the quest yet!

The first items was in the Pillar of Flame zone, outdoors but instanced. I was struck by not having done these zones properly on level, I must somehow find time to level a character properly through some of the early-mid zones…

The second zone was the rather visually impressive Living Tombs dungeon. Since I didn’t know the layout or intricacies of how to get to where the item was, having the map-marker for its location wasn’t so helpful. It actually took quite a lot of running around to find the right path to take to the top of the pyramid.

There may have been climbing involved…

The final zone was another instanced area called the Silent City, again somewhere I’d like to molo (solo+mercenary) through some time. It was a lot simpler to navigate to the required item, though I did have to steel myself against the arachnid welcome by the entrance (not screenshotted for obvious reasons).

A parting view

After I retuned to hand in the items, I noticed they had appeared on the shelves next to our Panda friend. It’s a rather nice touch to see quest progress displayed ‘in world’ like this. Here’s to many more weeks of nostalgic adventures!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I managed to find a few minutes to do this too. It took me about twenty minutes using the /waypoint info from EQ2 Traders. I would absolutely hate to try and do this quest just by randomly wandering about searching – it could take days!

    I know all those zones/dungeons inside out, having done them all more times than I can remember. Desert of Flames is a great expansion but everything in it is is insanely complex. Expect to spend a lot of time either being lost, frustrated and confused or reading guides. I did much of it in groups back in the day and it was a lot of fun. I’ve done it many times since solo/molo and that was fun too, although not as much.

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