More crunch for your gaming #WoWClassic

Playing a chunk on two different characters (dwarf Paladin and night elf Hunter), I was reminded how much more visible the RPG elements of World of Warcraft used to be.

This ‘crunch’ aspect appeals to me quite a lot. Whether it is the need to upgrade existing and learn new spells, the more free-form feel of the character customisation or the plethora of proficiency skills (notably weapons); it adds up to a more satisfactory levelling experience I feel than the modern game’s anaemic offering.


It would be easy to compare the game to other MMORPGs and declare much of this as skin-deep though, for example unlike in Everquest 2, in WoW Classic you know languages or do not (as opposed to a well developed system for learning new languages like in EQ2). Nevertheless it is more than we “WoW Live” players are used to: cue nostalgia or novelty.

I’m most interested in re-experiencing the more unique and complex class specific systems at this point. I want to get a Paladin high enough to have multiple seals to judge with in sequence. I’d also like to properly explore the old Hunter pet system including keeping pets fed and having a choice of ammo, all lost to the mists of time – until now. I’ve never been an optimiser in my gameplay habits, so this level of detail is catnip to me – regardless of how ‘real’ the choices are, they still matter to me.

I want to parry when I grow up!

Some game system/UI throwbacks are less welcome. The lack of usefulness of the basic quest tracker for instance means opening the quest log a lot. The mini-map is also barely functional by modern standards. The stark reality of tapped creatures and slow spawning/individual quest ‘click-items’ is a relic of a long-ago time where we had more free-time than sense. Queuing to click an item may be civilised I suppose, but I’d rather be playing a modern game than stand in a virtual queue.

A quest click item, and the bare-bones quest tracker

Still, I hope I’ll be able to persevere through the less than optimal quest delivery and the over-crowding to enjoy it for a while longer!

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3 Responses to More crunch for your gaming #WoWClassic

  1. Shintar says:

    Yep, I’m levelling a shaman right now and I’d totally forgotten that your totems used to be actual physical items in your inventory. What madness!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    EQ2’s language system is good but it used to be better. They made it easier and as usual that made it less interesting.

    “The lack of usefulness of the basic quest tracker for instance means opening the quest log a lot.” I actually like this. At the moment I’d go so far as to say I prefer it although that might not last. I just wish the quest-writers would be more consistent about including necessary information in the text. I can usually tell who gave me the quest and where to go to do it, but finding my way back to do the hand-in is a problem.

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