Punching wolves for goodness #WoWClassic

Last night, at the not so convenient time of 11pm, the World of Warcraft Classic servers opened. It was slightly ironic that it opened that Monday evening as the UK had enjoyed a public holiday and I like most faced work the next day.

On Hydaxian Waterlords there was no queue at all and no problems creating the three placeholder characters I wanted. Paladin was my highest priority to see again, I want to try out the old seal, judge, seal, judge skill rotation. I have vague memories of it being more interesting than modern Paladin dps gameplay but maybe that’s just nostalgia?

Given I was short on time, any thoughts of making much progress vanished when I saw the crowds of dwarves and gnomes fighting over every single mob spawn in the starter zone. Launch days are launch days so it’s not that unexpected.

But, a feature of some classes in this older era is the lack of any instant abilities. As a Paladin, I also lack any ranged attacks. So when competing with other players to ‘tap’ creatures I had some very frustrating moments.

My memory of WoW’s game systems kicked in at some point and I remembered how much more of a thing weapon speed was back then. My poor Paladin’s two-handed hammer was very, very slow at 2.98 seconds per swing. So his chance of a mob remaining untapped while he wound up to swing at the thing was very poor indeed. I had much more success unequiping the unwieldy weapon and punching things to tap them. Incidentaly my husband’s priest had no better luck as smite is pretty slow to cast and his character’s mace wasn’t that much quicker either.

It’s well worth familiarising yourself with the roleplay elements of WoW Classic, the stats on the character sheet and equipment for instance. They can make quite a difference to how you fare in this early content!

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  2. Kronick says:

    I played a dwarf paladin, when the game first came out. I remember the pain all too well. I was actually going to play a hunter originally but picked paladin to duo with my friend who was a warrior. I thought I would be helpful with the heals. And I was, but the gameplay was super slow. So this time around I went with my heart and picked a dwarf hunter. The grind to level 10 is brutal… all I can say about that. But hopefully it picks up once I get my pet.

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