Absalom acquaintances 2

This post is part of a series of posts detailing non-player characters and specific locales on Absalom Station, the heart of the Starfinder RPG setting. Any resemblance to real life entities are purely coincidental. Please feel free to use this content in your own campaign or discuss or expand on these ideas in the comments.

The Oracle (of the Spike)
This Infosphere ‘personality’ is a shady info-dealer who offers their services exclusively through DriftNet text messages. No videos or holos exist of the real individual behind the alias. This virtual entity never advertises or posts on forums or other public spaces about their services. You find out about the Oracle via word of mouth. InfoSphere searches on the individual or its services reveal nothing useful beyond unsubstantiated rumours.

Some rumours state that the Oracle is a liberated artificial intelligence, others that it is a SRO (Sentient Robotic Organism) that works as a city maintenance worker at a key computer node buried deep inside Absalom Station’s core, a third popular opinion is that it is in fact the genius daughter of a very well known noble family that has all the education and technical state-of-the-art resources to offer such expertise. Whatever the rumour no actual proof is ever found or offered to back up such claims.

What is known is that the anonymised DriftNet address is operational and a request for specific and difficult to find information sent to it is known to receive a comprehensive if rather terse response. Wild speculations over the range of fees involved are also to be found on various forums and HoloSphere discussions, though a common theme is that the fee is always non-negotiable.

Consulting the Oracle
If the party hears about and decides to consult the Oracle they can easily locate the DriftNet address to message. Any message to this address is answered by an automated reply stating the terms:

  1. They must phrase their request in a precise and detailed yet succinct manner by answering the specific questions in the auto-reply.
  2. The Oracle reserves the right to ask follow-up questions before committing to information delivery, these questions must be answered truthfully (“the Oracle always knows”) and quickly to guarantee information delivery.
  3. Vagueness in the question or information that is sought may cause fees to be raised considerably or for the request to be refused outright.
  4. The Oracle will respond when the information is found, will state the amended service fee and then deliver the information, if and when the fee as stated is paid into an anonymous AbadarCorp bank account.
  5. Failure to pay according to the stated terms and by the stated method will result in further messages by the respondent being blocked by the Oracle’s DriftNet account – the Oracle accepts no negotiation, or delays in payment. Nor does the Oracle offer any samples or ‘proof’ that the information has been found ahead of payment being made.

This post is based on entries in the Starfinder Core and the Pact Worlds rulebooks, please see these source for more details on specific locations or aspects of the Starfinder setting.

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