Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019

Gaming time has been a bit restricted of late, but I have been regularly logging into Everquest 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic – mostly it has to be said to do dailies.

In the former game I’ve no set goals to do other than the Days of Summer quests. If not doing those at a leisurely pace, I’m most likely to be found looping around the Plane of Magic doing the repeatable faction quests while also gathering and ticking off the two random tasks for the daily reward. Achieving these two select tasks is always very easy to do in limited time, for instance gather 40 resources and kill 8 different types of creature. It helps that I’m doing other easy things layered onto that – the faction quests are spread around this medium sized zone.

When playing SWTOR I’m most likely to be doing a round of dailies on Ossus to get the 5 dailies meta mission completed. I rarely have long enough to do the 10 dailies meta. Unlike more dedicated players of the game, I still haven’t fully geared one character through these dailies, and I’ve not grown bored with the zone or its content. So it works if I’m feeling like some adventure in the Galaxy Far Far Away as easy to jump into gaming.

In general I’m not a fan of dailies as the be all of ‘end-game’ gaming. If all I have to look forward to in a given MMORPG is dailies then I’m likely to get itchy feet soon enough for switching to something else. But, if I’m motivated to play a game and haven’t got much time they are a good solution to having something you can just get on with *and* finish within limited time. I have found on occasion that questing or leveling doesn’t fit so well into limited play sessions as it’s often difficult to know how long a quest chain or zone will take and remembering what you were last doing if playing only in short bursts can be more problematic. This has been an issue for me with EQ2, I’ve had my progress on main timeline quest chains halted for stretches of time because I haven’t felt like I have the time for running a big instanced set of quests, one where progress might even be reset if you do not finish them all.

Equally if I’m in danger of being interrupted at any time by friends logging onto Discord or other distractions then being in the middle of a complex or involved storyline in SWTOR isn’t ideal as I’m likely to have to drop the session suddenly. For me it’s sometimes better to have some ‘popcorn’ style gaming to indulge in that I can finish in a short span and drop if needed at a moment’s notice. Dailies fit those limitations rather well.

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4 Responses to Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    This year’s Days of Summer hasn’t started yet, has it? I thought it started next week.

    Dailies is about all I do in GW2 these days but I still enjoy them. It gets me logging in and sometimes I’ll run into something interesting going on and hang around. Better to have them than not, I think.

  2. Naithin says:

    Nope, not even a little bit.

    I did pause to give this some thought too, as there have been times when I’ve been fairly highly engaged with the dailies in order to achieve a set goal (unlocking flight, or allied races in WoW for example).

    So I had to consider it — but those were times I was already into the game. Like you said, if they had become the be all and end all. I’d have rapidly moved on and there is no way dailies would’ve kept me onboard. Not even for the end goal of getting flight or an allied race. There’d be no point if I wasn’t otherwise still interested.

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