Joy in the moments 2019 #blaugust

We’re entering the Developer Appreciation Week segment of Blaugust 2019 as of today. Part of Blaugust this year for me is to do updates on posts I’ve done in previous years. Last year I posted about taking joy in the moments of gaming. By coincidence I posted something along these lines just this last week while playing SWTOR.

Although we’re done with ‘Getting to know you week’ now this topic is one that is close to my heart. I do get rather a lot of joy from mmorpg gaming, so such posts are easy for me to write. It explains why I post a lot about “my recent gaming session” as I want to express through blogging the enjoyment these games give me.

For example, in recent sessions I’ve been able to indulge my love of impressive or unusual robots (aka droids) thanks to Bioware’s efforts in Star Wars the Old Republic.

I’ve also been regularly amused by my diminuitive jawa companion’s antics.

“Get out of the way Blizz!”

Equally I appreciate all that Daybreak Games does in Everquest 2, where I get to have amusing conversations with a cuddly giant panda (ahem, I mean Hua Mein).

These Days of Summer quests are such a joy because they are 100% non-combat as a real change of pace, and they invite players to fly or ride around older zones revisiting key locations. This is all the nostalgia hit I need, far less extreme than starting again from scratch on a progression server.

Not so sure I’ve ever been here before…

Running these quests also reminded me of the sheer joy that is flying mounts in EQ2. The controls are simple but feel great, and flying over zones to divebomb down on a quest objective or gathering node is satisfying.

Where do you find your gaming joy at the moment?

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  1. Naithin says:

    This might be an oddly specific one and not at all what you had in mind — but I find a huge spark of joy in games that continue to unfold new gameplay systems and aspects of themselves as you progress onward. A game that does this well can build a tonne of goodwill with me.

    I especially like it when you feel like you’re past the point of the game offering anything entirely new or surprising in this regard, and then… It does.

    A recent example of this being in No Man’s Sky. I’ve not really touched the game since the 2016 launch, although I’ve kept a curious eye on it from afar through the patches of the last few years. So I knew as top-level that base building was a thing. That it had freighters you could get to eventually. Exocraft, etc.

    But I didn’t realise just how much more ‘game’ was unlocked by those things. To the extent that I would consider detailing to enter into unforgivable spoiler territory! The information is out there for people curious, and I kinda stumbled onto the Freighter spoilers by accident. I didn’t know how much was behind them, but assumed they were quite basic. Oops.

    Still, in this case it has helped build excitement to get there myself. 🙂

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