The joy of movement abilities #swtor

I’ve posted before about how much I love having useful movement abilities in MMORPGs. I’m particularly fond of the ‘warrior charge’ style closer ability to get you into combat quickly: it helps to keep me in pace with a group when playing with friends, especially given my tendency to stop and gawp at things for screenshots.

Yesterday, as we continued our sporadic Imperial trio play-through of Makeb, we tackled the heroic mission The Specialists for the first time. At first we weren’t sure if we were already in the mission as it was in an ‘outdoor’ zone for the most part, I guess on Makeb everything is a bit more segregated than the original planetary zones. It was a nice challenge overall and longer than I expected it to be – very much like a mini Flashpoint (aka dungeon). It made me realise that I’ve done very few heroic missions actually beyond the first few original planets (I think every Republic character I have played all the Coruscant ones…).

Nigh-invisible bridges are a health and safety violation, surely?

About half way through I discovered a rather dramatic scene similar to the one below and I just had to try hitting that rocket-jump ability button. Across my character zoomed, landing to punch the opponent on the other side. I was thrilled that the ability was allowed to work across a sheer drop like that, I’ve seen similar before, but do forget just much freer ability targeting *can* be in SWTOR (it can also be buggy) – World of Warcraft’s movement abilities would never allow this. Sadly the second time we came across a similar setup my ability wouldn’t fire due to ‘no line of sight’, which was weird as our Juggernaut tank could use his jump ability to cross the gap just fine. I only got across after he deliberately moved the mob to a new location along the handrail.

I made it across, honestly!

Naturally my ‘in action’ attempts at screenshotting didn’t work, SWTOR is notoriously bad for screenshots. The Windows/Xbox overlay (Win+Alt+PrtScn) that I use as a substitute isn’t so easy to trigger and usually has a bit of a delay. In any case, testing the borders of possibility within a game is something we often do and enjoy. It can lead to some interesting consequences, including death by falling, or wiping on a dozen or so accidentally pulled groups. Thankfully with so little penalty for character death the game positively encourages experimental behaviour. Now if only my jet-pack equipped Bounty Hunter had a slow-fall / hover type ability…


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  1. Shadowz says:

    Depending on your GPU that is in your system, I know AMD is Radeon ReLive, and Nvidia is Shadowplay , they both have built in screenshot ways as well as recording, streaming. Also a few others have ways to screencaps. Fibrojedi has ways of increasing distance in screen capturing. Just trying to lend a suggestion out there.

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