Why I write #blaugust2019

As part of “Getting to know you week” in Blaugust I see people are posting about “why I write”. Before starting this post myself I followed a chain of a post that linked to another post: reading other blog posts and wanting to respond in longer form is often a good motivator for blogging I find.

In Kluwes’ post I see some overlap with my own motivations for blogging, namely that it creates a gaming history. When you play a lot of different mmorpgs (or any game) over years and years it can become a very nice long-term reference to have in searchable form. Not just the words written on activities done and milestones reached, but also the many screenshots stored in the blog also.

The post also mentions that blogging can change the “way I think about games”. That’s certainly true for me too, mainly because I lump in reading other blogs as an essential part of blogging about this hobby and therefore get to read a variety of other opinions and approaches to a given game. It can be rather instructive to see how others feel about updates to a game’s systems or content.

The author also writes about blogging and streaming increasing their enjoyment of the hobby. That I feel is a more complex issue for me. I have felt the effects of blogging on how I game – I’m acutely aware at all times of potential screenshot opportunities, for instance.

I sometimes feel there’s the more negative ‘need to create’ that can subtly or not so subtly influence bloggers, streamers and other content creators. By this I mean the pressure to create content on a schedule: I do not make money from my blogging, so this is very much a self-imposed pressure. Generally that’s not an issue but if work, study or other outside issues build up then blogging inevitably suffers. It has rarely been that big a problem for me, but I mention it because one reason “why I blog” for many in this community might be the ‘need’ to blog whether real or self-imposed.

The flip-side to this is the act of creation in writing, which Kluwes also mentioned. I do find it both enjoyable and inspiring to read about topics elsewhere and to write down my thoughts and opinions on various gaming activities and topics as a result. It has been my main creative outlet for years now and has given me a lot of pleasure. That is probably the most important point to this post, I blog because I enjoy it.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I think I’m going to do a post on this too. Over the years I’ve been blogging about MMORPGs it’s definitely changed how I play. I have potential blog posts in mind a lot of the time when I’m playing and I take way more screenshots than I used to (and i always took a lot) just in case I might need them for a post.

    It’s enhanced my enjoyment of the hobby no end but my gameplay is rarely as “pure” as it once was. I think it’s a good treade-off though.

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