My take on player factions for Eberron

In working on a couple of adventures that I hope to publish soon ™ on the DMs Guild website, and in doing so I’ve been searching for an Eberron specific equivalent of the player factions that characters in Forgotten Realms Adventurers’ League adventures can interact with and ally themselves too.

The “player faction” system as described in the linked web page is also present in similar form in Starfinder Society organised play (and I believe in Pathfinder Society play also) with lore appropriate equivalent groups. I like the idea of this as a tool for GMs to have existing structures to base NPCs within and to give players the chance for some kind of story/political progression within a campaign.

So far at least there’s no official player factions for the Eberron setting, at least that I can find. Below are my ideas so far for the factions I would want to use, outlined below in brief since I don’t want to give away too many spoilers about these organisations’ motivations and methods. Since my campaign ideas focus on Breland heavily, I’ve chosen a mix of regional and more generic organisations for these factions while ignoring the more obvious religious or “evil threat” type organisations. Eberron as a campaign world is pretty heavy on the politics so there are a lot to chose from!

I’ve chosen this mix of organisations as they are particularly appropriate for the adventures that I am writing and the region in which they are set. Since the setting is decisively morally grey in tone, the final entry being a creation of my own.

Dark Lanterns
The loyal spies and investigators of the Breland crown, Dark Lanterns are active throughout the Kingdom. They specialise in information gathering and hunting covert threats to the realm from within or without.

Wayfinders Foundation
The Wayfinders Foundation is a network of explorers and treasure-seekers has its  headquarters in the capital of the realm of Aundair, but with chapterhouses in major cities across the continent. New adventurers sign up to a code of conduct and navigate this loose organisation’s internal politics in order to gain access to knowledge, resources and the valuable experience of its members.

New Cyre
An alliance of former citizens of the fallen realm of Cyre. This organisation and fledgling nation seeks to preserve Cyran society and values among the now scattered survivors of the magical cataclysm that created the Mournland. Supporters of the Cyrans and their struggles can find Cyran agents across Korvaire.

Wardens of the Wood
Defenders of nature against supernatural or more mundane threats. Druids, rangers and others who make a home in wilder places find themselves drawn to this cause. The loose alliance of individuals is centred on the Eldeen Reaches in west Khorvaire, but has members across the continent including in Breland.

Bearstaff Coster
One of the larger merchant houses independent of any Dragonmarked House allegiance, the Bearstaff Coster is focused on trade goods and storage with headquarters in Sharn and major trade posts across Breland and beyond. This trade empire is always seeking talented individuals who can help to defend merchant caravans, to seek out new trade routes or exotic precious goods.

All of these factions are intended to be potential allies, employers or even rivals of a party of player characters. How they are used in a campaign is up to the DM, but the idea of having consistent and relatively well known factions that will be present in larger settlements does help to lend the setting consistency for players who might be playing in a variety of campaigns and groups.

In the end I hope we see officially named player factions for Eberron soon, and I will happily reconcider my list in light of any such list. What groups or organisations would you use specifically as player factions in an Eberron campaign, if any?

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