Topic brainstorming #Blaugust2019

We’ve just started Topic Brainstorming week for this 2019 edition of Blaugust. I posted a couple of posts on this very topic last year. Looking at what I wrote last year, I’m still very much following the model of blogging I described: especially the ‘gaming-diary’ and ‘response post’ varieties.

Beyond this prior advice, this year I’d add a few points below to help find inspiration for posts.

Find inspiration elsewhere!
There are regular meandering conversations and debates on interesting topics across many blogs within a community. Find and read other blogs with a similar focus and comment or link to posts you enjoyed reading. Blaugust is the perfect time to find new blogs to follow!

Link to join a conversation
This is a reference to my academic training, quoting sources is always good. A supervisor used to always say that your writing should be one side of a conversation: that certainly can apply to blogging. You can, naturally, blog in isolation; but I think blogs are more engaging to read if they are involved in a wider community. Comment on other blogs directly and quote other blog posts in your own posts to add something to the blogosphere chatter!

Link for more reading
If talking about a news item or a system or update, I’d suggest to link to said news item or another blog post for more info – let your readers decide how much  detail they want to read beyond what you are saying. It saves you writing out everything in exhaustive detail yet allows readers to find out more if they want to. Gaming wikis like Wowhead, EQ2Traders, or the D&D Wiki are all great resources. Here I’m talking about gaming but I’m sure you could apply the same concept to almost any blog topic.

Keep an eye on community events and hot topics
There are few annual community run events like Blaugust and IntPiPoMo that can provide a lot of inspiration for new posts. They are great fun and can really help with motivation to write and to shake up your schedule or writing habits. As an extension of the first point there are sometimes much more durable debates on a ‘hot topic’, something that gets wide commentary from the community. It’s can be engaging to join in on topics that do a few rounds of posts commenting on other posts.

Vary up your posting topics once in a while
In a sense I’ve always been quite broad on this blog since I’ve posted on quite a lot of different MMORPGs. For a year or so though, and increasingly, I post about tabletop RPGs as well as online gaming. Having two largely different topics to post on has helped to reinvigorate my passion for blog writing and also given me completely new topics to cover. I wouldn’t advocate spreading your blog’s focus too thin, at least in early years, but some change can be good once in a while.

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