About this blog 2019 edition #Blaugust2019

A brief updated “about this blog” post seems apt for this preparatory week for the Blaugust 2019 event. My blog hasn’t changed as much as some other bloggers, in name for instance. It started as, and remains, Gaming sans frontières or GamingSF for short. It started as a MMORPG only blog and that’s been by far the most common topic of posts since 2011. I originally intended to blog (and maybe game) in other languages as well hence the multilingual reference in the title. If I take my Japanese studies far enough maybe I’d consider making good on that self promise but then I could and probably should be blogging already in German or Spanish if that’s the case.

The title is more appropriate today, perhaps, because I’ve started recently blogging more regularly about tabletop roleplaying games (as opposed to the MMORPG variant). This year I’ve managed to play a fairly regular amount of Starfinder and Dungeons & Dragons so I’ve plenty of material and enthusiasm to blog about these games.

MMORPGs are still my computer gaming genre of choice, however, so despite the drop in frequency of posting I am still interested in these games and writing about them. This blog has charted my MMO gaming habits over eight years, and it’s a wonderful aide-memoire and source of old screenshots to be able to search back through all those posts.

The blog was originally started to get me to write more in English, as an IT professional it can be too easy to avoid writing anything longer than the odd email. This has been and remains one creative outlet for my own language and ideas. Time to Loot has an excellent post up on finding your motivation to write. It’s an interesting topic, Naithin writes in his post, content isn’t the motivation per se, and that’s true for me certainly. Not having enough to write about hasn’t been the reason for taking any breaks, it’s more to do with conflicting priorities or real life stresses. Indeed, I’ve so enjoyed writing about tabletop RPGs, that it reawakened my desire to write about MMOs as well after taking a couple of months break. So perhaps defining a blog too narrowly can be a bad idea?

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  1. Isey says:

    Learn something new every day.

    I thought it was Gaming Science Fiction LOL! That was always my guess and I just never asked. The Sans Frontiers is much better!


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