The MMORPGs I have been playing

Although I took a break from posting about MMORPGs for a couple of months, I have been playing them nonetheless. I continue to play a couple of different games to fill different needs and play schedules.

World of Warcraft
Friends and family keep me tied to Azeroth pretty firmly this year so far, I’ve taken the odd break, but with 8.2 now here there’s new stuff to do again. I play a good three or four sessions of WoW a week on average, with half the time being group dungeon runs and the remainder duo’ing new content with my husband. The two new zones seem mostly duo friendly, so I look forward to pushing on through them with him.

Nazjatar can be tough

Recently we were running low on things to do with our small circle of friends, and 8.2 hasn’t fixed that yet because the new ‘mega-dungeon’ doesn’t unlock for a while after the patch date. Back in May we started a new leveling group, to level a set of allied race characters via dungeon runs.

A familiar scene

The characters are a bit spread out in level, though thankfully that doesn’t matter much with the large level-sync banding now in the game. I  have a Dark Iron Dwarf Warlock I’m playing at the moment, now at level 29; I also have  a Pandaran Monk who was being leveling as a duo in different zones so he’s higher at level 55.

Everquest 2
Despite a lot of World of Warcraft, I did manage to get some longer sessions in Everquest 2 this Spring. I finished the main Planes of Prophecy timeline on my Shadowknight, who had no trouble with power spikes causing random fatalities in solo dungeons. I then played through the entire crafting timeline on my Inquisitor/Woodworker character. I want to reiterate how much fun these crafting timeline is, it’s a charming story that involves *zero* combat. How often can we say in the MMORPG genre that we have substantial and engaging content to play through that isn’t heavily or totally focused on fighting?

Forget leap, this is a walk of faith…

Since completing those two arcs I’ve been less decisive about what to do next; it seems my Shadowknight is woefully undergeared for the follow up Chaos Descending timeline. Grinding gear to unlock that didn’t appeal, and my sessions have become rather shorter if not any less frequent, so I’ve instead been pottering around on a couple of low level alts and starting a second character on the crafting timeline as well. It’s about time I had an alchemist in EQ2 to make some potions for all my alts – it is my favourite tradeskill/profession afterall!

In EQ2 I have the opposite problem that I have in other MMORPGs that I play, just so much content I could be doing that I come close to feeling paralysed by the weight of choices available.

Beyond these two games: I’m also playing some Terraria with a friend on the odd occasion that my husband is busy but the friend is free. It’s a charming, if grindy, little game. Otherwise my free time is being channeled into writing projects and roleplay sessions. I’m currently managing to run 2-3 sessions of D&D and Starfinder a month, via Fantasy Grounds, not bad compared to previous years!

Happy gaming everyone.

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3 Responses to The MMORPGs I have been playing

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Hmm. I’m puzzled by the transition from Pop to CD posing problems. If you take the full, free set of gear from the box next to the first questgiver in the Library of Myrist you should be fine. The thing about that, which isn’t explained anywhere, is that what you need from that armor is the adornments, not the armor itself, and from memory I don’t think you can even see the adorns until you get the item in your bag. That means it’s easy to look at the stuff and think it’s no good to you – it is!

    There’s a very detailed guide on the forums which i think is way over the top for most casual/solo players, but it describes the Adornment issue very well:

    “Once you are on your way into the Timeline you will zone into the Library. Directly ahead of you is a desk with a quest starter and a chest on the floor. Open the chest and take ALL of the loot. Then Unadorn every piece. You are going to end up with a lot of great adornments, including Glory, Championship, Juxt and Witness V and a new Blue Rune.. The gear itself is equal or inferior to Expert or Raid gear from PoP. Equip if it you want, it wont be on long. Now feel free to engage the Timeline and have some fun learning the new spread! PoP gear is certainly good enough to get you through the Timeline. I did the whole thing without equipping a single piece of gear. ”

    You get plenty of upgrades along the way. As a Berserker I can’t remember having any major or even minor issues, other than the really annoying power drain many of the bosses use. For that you will need to use potions or items like the Overcharged Manastone, but that’s a great incentive to level up your Alchemist.

    All that said, if you wait unti the next Days of Summer questline, presumably in September, I am betting we’ll get free gear to prepare for the next expansion that’s better than what you’ll get in Chaos Descending. Could just wait for that.

    Aaaand another line cos NoScript blocked the first post yet again.

    • Telwyn says:

      According to the wiki page I should have received a letter to give access to the library, but my character that has completed the PoP adventurer timeline (has the Legacy of Power quest achievement) hasn’t received any such letter. I just logged back in to check I wasn’t being silly and yes, he can’t zone into the library. I hadn’t noticed the reference to Jerol (never heard of him before!) but even he didn’t have anything for me. I guess I should bug report it, perhaps?

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