News services in the Pact Worlds

This post is a creative piece offering some ideas for the Starfinder roleplaying game. Any resemblance to real life entities are purely coincidental. Please feel free to use this content in your own campaign or discuss or expand on these ideas in the comments.

News Corp (Abadar subsidiary)
News Corp is the dominant news network in the Pact Worlds system. It provides system wide coverage with 24-7 vidfeeds, a wide variety of studio shows and a DriftNet Video-to-Text (V2T)* service for the bandwidth challenged. Based out of large offices in the Drifter’s End district of the Ring on Absalom Station; this subsidiary corporation has hundreds of staff based here and spread across the major planets of the system with small offices in the capital cities. News corp is accepted as the defacto channel to follow for news for many of the system’s citizens and is considered to be trustworthy and neutral by most.

*With the advent of extra-system travel and the DriftNet text-only network, AI controlled Video-to-Text services were introduced by A*Media and other companies to auto transcribe, and describe in words, the audio and visual content from normal video transmissions. Subscribers can choose from a couple of detail levels (full, medium or terse) to fit their needs and available connectivity.

Pact News Network
A SFS funded news network with unbiased (from a planet view-point perspective), but ‘peace-positive’ programming and editorial bias. It features a variety of different programs and reporters that operate under the umbrella of this network. This network has its headquarters in Drifter’s End near the Lorespire Complex (and not so far from News Corp), but it is a much smaller company than its commercial neighbour and has few employees based on other planets. The most popular journalist/presenters on the network include:
-Jazza, a Skittermander reporter who travels anywhere and everywhere to chase the biggest stories in the system – often getting interviews with stars and important political figures due to the fact he won’t take no for an answer! His news reports regularly top the network’s ratings.
-Barnelius, a contemplative presenter of the Pact Insights news analysis stream – on which he dissects events for deeper meanings and asks guests the important questions everyone wants to know.

A community run DriftNet news service based out of Absalom station’s Spike. It features a changing cast of Infosphere-only reporters who only identify by their Infosphere aliases. The reporting is usually accurate and investigative in nature, more-or-less balanced but with a slight anti-corporate tone. Newscast is consumed by a majority of subscribers as a weekly digest, but the most avid followers opt to receive shorter updates on news as they appear onto the network. The service’s output is text only and mostly delivered via the Infosphere or DriftNet messages.

An Eoxian broadcast video network with a news component that focuses heavily on Eox and features a lot of long-form interview and “life after death” lifestyle-oriented programming. News coverage of other planets is brief unless there are Elebrians involved.

This post is based on entries in the Starfinder Core and the Pact Worlds rulebooks, please see these source for more details on specific locations or aspects of the Starfinder setting.

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