Spring break

I’m back from a wonderful holiday and have settled rather too quickly back into reality / routine. Spring is in the air although the cheer among colleagues about the ‘warmth in the air’ rings hollow when you’ve come back from somewhere in full tropical summer to temperatures struggling to reach double digits. Regardless, as our garden bursts into new life it is a time of year for change and renewal.

In that vein I have come to the difficult decision to put this MMORPG blog on indefinite pause, it’s too soon to say I’ll stop writing entirely but I’d rather be decisive about this than let it dwindle on an ever decreasing schedule. I’ve almost given up on this writing hobby several times over the years but now I feel like I have to commit more wholeheartedly to other things: namely my language learning efforts. Blogging isn’t that huge a commitment, but all the reading, thinking and writing still adds up. The time I spend every day reading about MMO gaming I really should be investing in learning vocabulary. I’m at a stage with learning Japanese where my biggest hurdle is not keeping up with learning the vocab from class, so I need to spend a lot more breakfast times, lunch breaks and evenings revising and memorising the words and their written forms.

After just over eight years of mostly continuous blogging on MMORPGs I feel its time to take a break and invest that energy elsewhere. I may still do a proper review post of the last eight years of blogging at some point, but that would be a bigger undertaking than I have time for just now. In any case a big thank you to all the readers and commenters who have followed the blog over these years! Thanks also to all the inspiring MMO bloggers who have kept me engaged in this area for so long!

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7 Responses to Spring break

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Wow! That was unexpected! Very sorry to see you put down your pen since we overlap significantly in interests and yours is one of the blogs I most look forward to reading.

    Good luck with the language-learning efforts. I hope you’ll pop up with a post here and there inbetween vocabulary drills once in a while. I always think, when people quit games or blogs or whatever, that it probably doesn’t have to be literally all or nothing, but maybe that’s just a personality thing…

  2. massacredinsect says:

    Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed reading your posts even as I wasn’t very vocal about the fact.

  3. Pallais says:

    Good luck with your language efforts! I’ve enjoyed your posts and hope to see a few, now and then, in the future, still.

  4. Shintar says:

    Well, that’s sad news for us! And surprising too, like Bhagpuss said – I can’t say that I had noticed any signs of you losing interest in the hobby (either the gaming or the writing part). That said, I can’t claim that you’re not giving a good reason for slowing down, so I wish you good luck with your language efforts! 🙂 Just keep in mind (echoing previous comments again) that you can come back and make some more posts any time if there’s something gaming-related that really makes you want to write things down. I’d rather see the occasional post than no more ever again!

  5. Dang, sorry to see you go.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks all for the kind words. I’ll take a term off while focusing on my Japanese and have a think about this again in the summer.

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