Disconnected afk

As you read this I will be flying to Malaysia for a two-week cruise break, quite the grand adventure that came as a rather surprise option last-minute. Most of my holidays in recent years have been within European Union countries; i.e. the Mediterranean or Canary Islands. My mobile network allows me to use my unlimited data allowance abroad almost anywhere in the region without incurring any charges for data. That has meant on  most of my recent holidays I was just as ‘connected’ as if I were at home.

I suppose it’s fairly normal these days to be on the phone a lot on holiday, I have noticed, at least unconsciously, others doing the same. I have to think back to our honeymoon in the Caribbean for a holiday where I wasn’t able to check my blogroll every morning or look on social media.

My mobile network is unusual in having had for years now a deal to allow this free roaming of data and other services, yes the EU mandates no roaming charges these days anyway, but this contract is good in a lot of countries in the Americas, Asia and beyond. It just so happens that all but one of the ports we’re visiting are in countries not on that extensive list.

It’s going to be a relief actually, work has been intense of late, and I feel this holiday is rather overdue. I’m taking actual paper books to read, and a notepad and pens to do some creative rpg writing while away. Otherwise I expect to be fully disconnected from blogging and the digital world – so I’ll see you all in mid-April! Happy gaming!

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