Downtime compensation #DDO #LOTRO

A brief article over at MassivelyOP informed me that some in-game compensation awards for Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online are available for all players up until the 30th April. Free stuff is always nice, even if I wasn’t personally inconvenienced. I do intend to return to Dungeons & Dragons Online when the Sharn module comes around and I play LOTRO on and off as a side MMO so I keep both games loaded and patched on my PC normally.

In LOTRO the reward package had some currency and a load of dyes. I logged in my usual low-level Loremaster that I am collecting login rewards on when I do log in, thankfully the currency is account level so I didn’t end up with end-game currencies bound to a low-level alt.

Figments of Splendour are account level

I’ve not played enough of the current end-game content to know what these figments are used for, but will happily check it out next time I’m in Middle Earth.

In Dungeons & Dragons Online the same code gave a set of XP potions and a Raider’s Reward Box.

The latter gives free choice of one high level sentient weapon. For my lowly level 8 Artificer this is a rather remote but awesome looking upgrade. For now I’ve kept the box unopened as by the time my character reaches that level I may have need of something else instead; the box can sit in his bank.

If you play either MMORPG even irregularly, go get the rewards while you can!

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