Level 10 so far #Kaladim

In my first couple of sessions I managed to reach level 10 on my new Templar on the Kaladim TLE server for Everquest 2. My character concept was going to be a Wood Elf Templar playing through Greater Feydark, but that wasn’t available as an option, so after I did enough of the Isle of Refuge to high-tail it out of there I hopped on the boat to Frostfang Sea.

Beginning the level-climb once again

I do love the Frostfang Sea starting zone. I’ve only run it twice properly, the first time being my start in the game when Freeport launched the game into free-to-play waters. Having a proper gathering and crafting tutorial offers a nicer introduction to the game than the Isle has to offer. You also get some nice bag/storage rewards from these.

The zone is beautiful if rather bleak. There’s a comforting flow to the quests and sub-areas of the zone as you move around. The back slope shortcut into the main city up in the centre of the large island is a good thing to know about as a new player, it gets you access to the crafting stations and city services *much* quicker than if you follow the story all the way around to the main entrance. I got rather sidetracked doing crafting intro quests and quickly found myself as a level 10 Outfitter when my adventuring class was still only at 6.

It’s been a relaxing experience so far, I’m taking a chilled pace to this new character as evidenced by his progress in crafting. There’s some running back and forth but not to an annoying degree and I’ve made good on the travelling to gather and hunt collectibles.

I’ve done a surprising amount of swimming around while questing, the water is always nearby in the Frostfang Sea and it does offer some shortcuts if you know the lay of the land (and water).

The difficulty level of the experience surprised me slightly, as my character got close to level 10 there was a noticeable spike in monster challenge – I can’t take on more than one monster at level currently. Downtime is an issue as my mana is often pretty depleted after fighting, and the conjured food and drink are pretty poor for my level. I think I’ll spend some time next session looking at what I might craft myself to boost his power regen…

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  1. Emnoir says:

    I decided against playing on Kaladim. I’m going to stick to Antonia Bayle, but I did play on the first (and now closed) TLE server, Stormhold, and I loved every minute of it! It’s nice to see others enjoying the nostalgia :).

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