The Scarlet Goblin #StarfinderRPG

A vast shape edges its way through the asteroid field with sparks from its colossal shields flying into the night as smaller asteroids are obliterated by its passage. A long irregular cylindrical shape with a pointed bulbous cone at the front, collared by some kind of scoop-like frame of pylons and interconnecting beams. A bristling array of antennae and weapon mounts dot the front cone and line the sides of the enormous ship. At the rear intense white beams of energy emit from of an array of six thrusters organised around a hexagonal engine pod. The ship is painted a vivid red colour with many strange symbols painted in black and silver on its hull – near the front on both sides is stamped the name of the vessel for all to see: the Scarlet Goblin. 

The Scarlet Goblin (Distant Stars Mining Factory), Tier 15
Colossal freighter
Speed 4; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 4); Drift 1
AC 5; TL 4
HP 400; DT 15; CT 80
Shields medium 160 (forward 40, port 40, starboard 40, aft 40)
Attack (forward) Heavy laser cannon (4d8), Nuclear mega-missile launcher (4d8*10), Vortex cannon (2d12*10)
Attack (port) Light laser cannon (2d4), Light laser cannon (2d4)
Attack (starboard) Light laser cannon (2d4), Light laser cannon (2d4)
Attack (turret) Flak thrower (3d4), Light EMP cannon (special)
Power Core Gateway Heavy (400 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems mk 2 duonode computer, basic medium-range sensors, mk 5 armor, mk 4 defenses, crew quarters, common (2), crew quarters, luxurious (1), ; Expansion Bays cargo holds (8), medical bay, science lab, shuttle bay, tech workshop
Modifiers +2 to any check (2); Complement 120 goblins

The ship has fourteen decks though only thirteen are in use: the thirteenth is not accessible from any lift as the ship’s AI refuses to allow living crew to go there. The ship is currently crewed exclusively by goblins and most of the ship’s computer terminals and information displays are set to their language. The atmosphere is adapted to meet goblin needs also, with dimmer lighting and warmer and more humid air than is the Pact Worlds standard. The seemingly endless corridors are filled with junk and the debris of goblin engineers’ improvised ‘repairs’ of ships systems. The colossal joined cargo holds could dock several smaller warships, but in practice are filled with cargo and all manner of temporary workshops and ‘junk improvisation areas’. The hangar area of the unified hold is home to a dozen mining-adapted shuttles designed to take crew out to asteroids to do the actual mining grunt-work and with sealed cargo holds for hauling the extracted resources back.

The ship was found by its current crew, long-abandoned, in a distant system out in the vast. The captain and his original crew of salvagers were astonished to find the ship derelict, but mostly intact, in orbit of a lifeless planetoid. Since that moment two years ago, the captain has amassed one of the largest all-goblin crews in recorded history, managing somehow to keep the ship’s location secret long enough to gather a crew and restore the ship to operational status. The appeal of dominating future space mining operations with such a capable and sturdy custom-built vessel was an easy sell to many. Obtaining a drift drive capable of moving such a colossal ship has taken many months, now the drive is operational the Scarlet Goblin is ready to make its return to Pact World space.

The ship’s origins are currently unknown even to captain Jondoagviz, who cares little about investigating it further – the ship is now his according to the goblin tradition of “finders keepers”. The traces of old stencils on the ships hull that have been haphazardly painted over by the goblins show that the ship once belonged to, or was constructed by, the mysterious Distant Suns Mining Corporation – a company that features in no Pact World database or planetary Infosphere.  This colossal vessel is designed to be a mobile mining village with full end-to-end facilities for strip mining asteroids or planetoids, refining and processing the raw resources, vaporising waste materials and even manufacturing basic goods with the refined products. It has living quarters, workstations, exercise and entertainment spaces and healthcare facilities to support up to 300 humanoid crew. It’s arsenal is formidable by most standards, although a careful observer will notice that many of the weapons are in poor repair or have been heavily modified in unorthodox ways (goblin refinements). Furthermore, almost half of the ships hard points are empty – those inoperable weapons and other components having been hastily scavenged in the ships recent refit. The ship’s defences are intact and in full working condition. Technically the ship is slightly under-crewed given its size, and the goblin teams operating the different departments are not always that well-coordinated (this is reflected in the low number of bonuses granted to crew operations).

The ship’s systems are managed by a rather eccentric artificial intelligence. Something happened at some point before the ship was rediscovered caused this rather sophisticated A.I. to become recalcitrant, argumentative and somewhat paranoid over humanoid occupants. It is bound by core programming tenants not to harm any crew and to obey the captain; but it finds rather interesting ways to subvert or twist orders. The AI has spread from the central computer to interface with every computerised object on the ship through some undiagnosed means – the goblin computer experts on-board have no idea how the ship can talk to crew through shower control panels, food processors and lift displays, yet talk it does. It is not unusual for the system to be conversing with a dozen crew-members at once and keeping the conversations mostly separate and coherent. The goblins call the computer “Al”: the captain misread a rather decayed sign written in common on a computer rack in the computer core engineering lab, thinking that the ‘I’ of A.I. was actually an ‘l’ (his grandfather’s name was Alvnin so the immediate association came to mind). The A.I. has given up trying to correct this and has accepted this accidental re-baptism as its current designation.

Noteworthy crew (and approximate split between departments):
Jondoagviz (male goblin)
Engineers (1 officer, 20 crew)
Akcha (female goblin)
Gunners (1 officer, 15 crew)
Mirsoat (male goblin)
Pilot (1 officer, 10 crew)
Mirbilla (female goblin)
Science Officers (2 officers, 14 crew)
Oambu (male goblin, chief mineralogist) and Ridka (female goblin, chief chemist)

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