Kaladim beckons #EQ2

So the newest progression server, Kaladim, launches this coming Saturday (16th). I’m off a mind to start a character there just to join in the initial levelling hype. The promised changes to itemisation to make it more like the original game will certainly be worth taking a look at.

My Shadowknight deserves a rest after fighting this lot

How long it keeps me away from my Shadowknight remains to be seen, but it’s kind of important to be there in the early days to get the best out of the experience I would imagine.

Illusion in tow

I’ve yet to decide what to make, something simple and easy to play probably, though the tempation will be to create a healer because, I like to play healers. I’ve recently created a Fae Illusionist on my main server (Skyfire) as I’ve never played one and still want to play through Greater Feydark properly on at least one character – perhaps I should take that as inspiration for this new server? It will be interesting to see just how popular the different starter zones are on this new server.


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