Past thunder and flame #EQ2

I’ve continued to make good progress in the Planes of Prophecy expansion, I’m on chapter 7 of 9 now. Having cleared the Plane of Disease with my Shadowknight and his mastery of all things noxious, I stormed through the Bastion of Karana and blasted on past Solusek Ro’s Tower.

The general content is easy enough with lots of interesting locations and mechanics. It’s noticeable just how much more interactive environments tend to be in Everquest 2: there is so often little details that you need to observe in order to get through these longer quest chains. Keeping an eye on announced observations or NPC chatter is always a good thing, as is noting any unusual details in the landscape or decor since they might be important later. Doubling back on yourself isn’t forbidden either: some instanced levels are linear for sure, but many are not.

The boss fights in particular are pretty engaging affairs, if sometimes somewhat hectic for me as a non-raider. Having to remember mechanics and orders-of-actions is nothing new as I’ve often had to do similar things in World of Warcraft. The difference here is that I’m completing the signature questline for the expansion solo, so it’s all down to my memory and execution skills.

Unlike prior attempts all seems to be going well now, maybe I’m just that bit more practiced at playing the game’s more advanced content? Although my Shadowknight is only kitted out in quest gear as yet, I have been giving some thought to things that might make a difference. Firstly I realised after writing the last blog post on him, that his lack of any progress in the Kunark Ascending expansion meant he hadn’t unlocked an Ascension class. Although it’s not held him up in Planes of Prophecy it does mean he was missing some potentially powerful attack abilities.

I had thought I might need to go back to my Inquisitor to finish off the Kunark Ascending timeline as that apparently unlocks Ascension classes and access to the trainers on all your alts. As it happens that isn’t necessary as, in fact, you only need take a newer character through the Planes of Prophecy storyline up to the point of the Hall of Valour: there’s an Ascension trainer NPC there who can get your character started. I could even pop over to Pas Yu in The Sundered Frontier and grab the tome to boost his Ascension class to level 6 for free.

Septic Strike is one of the four new abilities gained as a Thaumaturge

So crisis , or at least a potentially lengthy side-trek on my Inquisitor, duly averted. I am able to focus as desired on Planes of Prophecy content solely for now. That’s not to say I haven’t ideas of what I could do next in-game when that story is completed. I’ll need to do the crafting quest chain on at least one character as well for this expansion. After that there are all manner of alts to level or prior expansion contents I could dive back into. One thing at a time though…

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