Masterminds of Sharn coming to DDO

I read over at Massively a little more about the upcoming expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, called “Masterminds of Sharn”. Details are still scarce as of yet, but at least we know that is the title of Update 42. I’m super excited to see what Standing Stone Games does with the city of towers, it is the biggest city in the Eberron setting and is a wonderful backdrop for potential adventures with a more urban/noir atmosphere than the jungles of Xen’drik where most of the game’s earlier content was set.

I would hope that the magically enhanced verticality of the city is featured; the city is dominated by impossibly tall towers that are surrounded and connected by a network of raised plazas and roads. There are several distinct tiers to the city offering a variety of radically different environments even within the one city.

Image courtesy of Eberron Wiki

Here’s hoping we get to see some different sides to the city. Sharn will not be featured in just the one update I imagine as update 43’s adventure pack also features the city; the dev blog also mentions that a new class is coming in the following update (44). Given the title of the expansion, my bet would be on the psion: a class that has often been optional in Dungeons & Dragons but one that was fully integrated lore-wise into the Eberron setting. Equally the title may refer to politicians or underworld manipulators of the city’s governance, a new class is always welcome in any MMO I feel.

Yes, I still own the original

The final noteworthy extract from the article was that update 45 will feature an adaptation of the classic D&D module B2: Keep of the Borderlands. That is such a classic adventure it too has me rather giddy at the thought of playing it. I DM’ed this module as the very first D&D game I ever ran, too many years ago to freely admit. It’s a rather simplistic adventure in modern D&D terms but could be a good canvas for new adventures.

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6 Responses to Masterminds of Sharn coming to DDO

  1. EvenNote says:

    I’m crazy excited both for Sharn and Keep on the Borderlands. SSG did the Ravenloft expansion beyond my wildest dreams, and the updates over the last two years or so just keep getting better.

  2. Isey says:

    I remember doing Keep of the Borderlands as a kid! Amazing!

  3. ddomicki says:

    🙂 I believe it’s supposed to be update 42. The last update was 41 and the producer’s letter said “We intend to follow up Sharn with a new adventure pack set in the City of Towers, but you won’t need the Sharn expansion to run these quests. Update 43’s adventure pack set will be free to VIPs (and Season Pass holders). “

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