Sharing the love of Erollisi

Bhagpuss’ post from a few days ago alerted me to something new and interesting going on in Everquest 2 for this year’s Erollisi Festival (goddess of love). The post features a picture of the exceedingly cute plushie familiar, a baby dragon with a love heart for a tail, that you can collect if you run the Erollisi Day Public Quest in the Commonlands zone often enough.

Familiar territory

Although I wasn’t planning on returning to EQ2 at the moment, something like this is guaranteed to pull me back in. I’ve always rather liked Public Quests in any game, and have had some fun with some of the more imaginative ones in EQ2 as well. This particular quest is something new. It involves two teams of players escorting and encouraging NPCs to cross this low level zone towards a meeting point. Beyond that I’ll leave you to read the specifics over at Bhagpuss’ post or to go experience the event yourself!

I’ve done the event three times so far as time permits, it’s on a rough hour timer so it’s not possible to go too crazy grinding it. I received the ‘egg’ for my plushie on the first try, and have received the top tier of involvement so far on each. According to the linked blogpost I should get the pet to hatch after another four or so tries.

I imagine some players might find the event a bit hectic, there’s always been a mass of players on both sides when I’ve taken part. That said, once I had the event flower items slotted on my main quickbar it became a lot easier to manage clicking the NPC within the crowd and using the items to contribute. I’m deliberately not going into extensive detail here, others have already done that, suffice to say I’d encourage anyone to give the event a go and to not despair at hitting the top tier of participation. If I can manage that having barely played the game in many months, I’m sure you can too!

The moderately long gaps between the timer actually help the event to not get too ‘needy’. I can play some Star Wars the Old Republic in-between runs, just keeping an eye on the zone chat in EQ2 on my second monitor to see when the 10 minute and 5 minute warnings are broadcast.

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