Running the Esseles in 2019

Wanting to finally get some group content done in Star Wars the Old Republic, I elected to queue for the Esseles on my baby Smuggler. I’ve been leveling him a bit since playing more SWTOR – one advantage of focusing on this game is I can actually find time for alts.

I have fond memories of running this instance on various characters but it has been years since I last played it. Going back to old dungeons (flashpoints as SWTOR calls them) is always fun for the nostalgia factor.

As Shintar notes in her detailed review of the instance it is rather unusual compared to most dungeons in MMORPGs, or even the majority of the flashpoints in this game. There’s a lot of story in this and that means a lot of interactive cut-scenes, the main story delivery mechanism in the game.

Unfortunately, MMORPG players being what they are almost immediately the request to “skip pls” came up. If I failed to skip all the multi-step dialogues fast enough, another “skip” would appear in chat – otherwise chat was devoid of communication the whole run. It wasn’t an unpleasant run otherwise, we were fast and efficient and I got some lovely loot upgrades for my character. I’ve done the instance a few times, albeit a long while ago, so it didn’t bother me that much to skip through the dialogues out of politeness.

Lots of running in PUG dungeons

That said these first two instances are so iconic and different, I would like to actually play them again properly at a more sedate pace. I felt most of the time that I had to rather focused to avoid having the other player waiting at the next click or lift shaft. I’m sure those who have run this hundreds of times can do it blindfolded on auto-pilot. For me it’s a distant memory.

Rushing in instances is a particular bugbear of mine, regardless of the amount of story there is or isn’t. I would doubt that joining a guild would help here; most of the World of Warcraft players in our rather large and friendly guild are equally of the “be polite but be efficient” mindset.  Perhaps I should start advertising in fleet chat for “full run no skip” or something, though I somehow doubt that would get many takers…

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  1. Shintar says:

    Not everyone doing levelling/veteran dungeons is a skipper; they just tend to be the loudest (and often quite obnoxious). I’ve seen people have some success by simply stating at the start that they’d like to watch the cut scenes. I mean, there’s still a chance that the group says no, but you have little to lose from stating your intentions.

    If you just want to go through the dialogue in peace, there’s also a dedicated solo mode with a helpful droid now, though to be honest it’s kind of overkill as even veteran mode is easily soloable with just your companion out. I appreciate that it’s not really the same to go in alone though.

    You might well have some luck with your fleet chat idea – you’d only really have to find one other player to achieve the desired effect… and then if you both got out your starter companions, you could gain some companion influence while you’re at it too.

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