Seesaw content on Ossus

Playing through the dailies in Star Wars the Old Republic I noticed a certain pattern in some areas such as the Ossus Farms. Here Republic players like myself are deploying defense turrets and putting out fires. As I have played I’ve seen Imperial players in the same zone doing the opposite – destroying turrets and starting fires. Effectively the state of certain clickable items or installations ‘seesaw’ between two states as players of both factions interact with them.

I’ve even seen players of the two factions following one another to benefit from the one player’s actions setting up the other’s mission goal clicks.

A Sith destroys a turret, soon I shall have my clicky

It seems, from my PVE perspective to be almost encouraging cooperation between the factions even if there’s no direct communication. I imagine it’s a very different experience for those who like to flag for PVP.

It has made me think of earlier zones designed to bring the factions together where PVE content was also present. I did some sessions on Ilum back in 2013 (where does the time go!?) because of the Gree event, but I can’t honestly remember whether the setup of the mission objectives was similar (seesawing based on the two factions opposite goals).

In any case I’m happy enough questing alongside Imperial characters since I can remain unflagged and, for some missions, their actions actually help set up my own objectives!

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2 Responses to Seesaw content on Ossus

  1. Pallais says:

    Technically there can be direct communication because you can chat between factions using /say. Not many use it, but it is possible. (I’ve not done the Ossus dailies yet.)

  2. Shintar says:

    I noticed that quickly too, but I think it’s actually an illusion. From what I can tell there are dedicated turret spawn points and dedicated turret deploy points that will each quickly reset to their default state, and you can’t deploy a turret as a Republic player where an Imp just destroyed one. There’s a similar thing on Iokath where one faction activates lasers and the other deactivates them, and they seem to be separate types even though they are in the same area.

    As for the PvP instance… well, the first time I saw an Imp destroying the farms we charged him because… must prevent the Imps from destroying our farms! 😉 RP-PvP for the win… by now I’ve gotten lazier though and will usually just let them do their thing unless they attack first.

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