A variety of landscapes in SWTOR

I’ve been playing a mix of different Star Wars the Old Republic content based on play time and whether I’m playing alone or with friends. I have my Jedi Shadow main doing the Ossus dailies, I have a Bounty Hunter as part of a levelling trio and I’ve dabbled a bit on a Smuggler alt just to work on a class story I’ve barely seen.

As I’ve stated before Ossus has some beautiful landscape surrounding the action, I love  some mountain-views. But, beyond that I was struck by just how varied the zones in the game are. Our Imperial trio are currently exploring the industrial world of Corellia, a world of heavy-industry and skyscrapers. I happen to have now (finally) watched the Solo movie, and the visuals of cyberpunk grimdark Corellia in that movie is quite the contrast (there is a 3,600 years time gap between SWTOR and that film’s events).

Despite a war, Corellia is mostly pretty impressive in the SWTOR era

I’m a big fan of SWTOR’s city-planet visuals: Coruscant is one of my favourite ever zones visually, and one reason I’ve returned to my baby Smuggler is because he was in the middle of the wonderful Gree-droid mission series on that planet.

The giant towers, endless over-head traffic and gleaming plazas are impressive of course, but the city also has its grimy dungeon-esque side.

The ultra-industrial belly of Coruscant

An Imperial group session also recently gave me a first look at the Directive-7 flashpoint, I’ve done many of the levelling dungeons in this game but never this one. It’s set on an unnamed moon offering a very different outdoor-industry aesthetic.

Directive-7’s industrial complex

This was three play sessions within one week, admittedly from different sections of the game’s content, but there’s a lot of variety there. I appreciate greatly the freedom that this MMORPG’s premise gives the developers – we travel between lots of different planets as we adventure. So there’s plenty of scope for new environments to be introduced as the story dictates. I wonder where we’ll go after Ossus?

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3 Responses to A variety of landscapes in SWTOR

  1. Shintar says:

    The Directive 7 moon does have a name actually, it’s identified in the quest as Zadd. 🙂 That aside, I agree! Though I personally have long preferred the more open and “natural” environments. I love Coruscant’s skyline, but in general the city planets haven’t really appealed to me that much.

  2. Hannie says:

    I haven’t played TOR in ages, this makes me want to go back.

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