An experiment in gaming and writing focus

Increasingly over the last few years I’ve felt that I have too much on my plate: juggling work, studies, gaming and writing has become increasingly difficult over the last few years. I made some changes last year to begin to address this, but I still find myself not having the time or concentration to do all that I would like to.

So in the vein of a New Year’s resolution of sorts, I’m going to give a more focused approach to gaming and to blogging a try this year – at least for a few months to see how it works out. As I posted a few days ago I’m back in Star Wars the Old Republic at the moment and thoroughly enjoying my return. So I will mostly be blogging about that game for the rest of January, at least in terms of MMORPG-related posts.

As a gamer I thrive on variety and new experiences, so the danger has always been there that I simply switch games too readily and too often to benefit from the deeper experience that is possible with online gaming and MMORPGs in particular. That higher level of engagement may come in the form of joining a guild, it may also be running group content with said guild or even random PUGs. At least where SWTOR is concerned, I have read plenty of blogposts attesting to the overall plausibility of just pugging stuff in this MMO over at the Going Commando blog. I’m seeing a lot of guilds recruiting in open chat on the Darth Malgus server so there are options for that too at least.

I’ll try a month playing SWTOR and then review wether I’ve managed any deeper attachment to the game, and if so what it was like. If I still am enjoying the game then I’ll stick to it for another month – no sense in rigidly switching away if I’m still having fun. But if I’ve already started wavering then at least I have a plan in place to try two other games  that I feel could benefit from the same focus (namely Lord of the Rings Online and Elder Scrolls Online).

Flashpoint with friends

The only other things I’m likely to be blogging about are a) any big MMO news items I want to comment on, and b) some more tabletop and Fantasy Grounds related posts (see my last post on the Starfinder rpg). The latter is something I’ve wanted to develop as a blogging topic for some time anyway so that’s a topic that will offer me some thematic variety to my writing without needing to juggle different MMORPGs constantly.

Here’s hoping I can stick to this new focus and that it makes more consistent posting easier in 2019!

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2 Responses to An experiment in gaming and writing focus

  1. Shintar says:

    Not having enough time to do all the things you’d like to do is such a first world problem, but I have it too. Good luck with trying to organise your time better! Looking forward to reading some more posts about SWTOR in the next month. 😉

    For what it’s worth, you’d be welcome to join my own guild (Twin Suns Squadron) on Darth Malgus, but since our main focus is on raiding I understand it might make more sense for you to seek out something like a social levelling guild.

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