Back to some dailies and maybe more #SWTOR

Over the last week or so I’ve logged back into Star Wars the Old Republic a few times. I’d come back to take a look at where I’d left my Jedi Shadow main somewhere near the start of patch 5.9. We also have logged as a trio back onto our Imperial characters to do some more leveling on Voss and Corellia. I was reminded how group conversations with NPCs in SWTOR can be a lot of fun.

Playing as a trio

In-between travels I logged in briefly to explore what content there was to do at the end of the main 5.10 story on Ossus. I just squeezed in running said story on my Jedi Shadow before the holidays,  so this was my first view of the Ossus dailies on any character.

Arriving on Ossus

The dailies seem well laid out and easy to pickup. Bonus meta-missions offer rewards for doing 4 on a given day, and 10 total within a week. There are a bunch of dailies at the main hub, but also a few lying around at other transport points. So the missions have you travelling around the different areas of the planet and doing so also gives you the chance to pick up more. In the limited time available I managed to easily complete 8 of the 10 needed for the weekly meta-mission. I had two others that I’d collected, although one seemed bugged as I could mouse-over the relics needed to identify them but couldn’t interact with them at all. I’ll come back to the weekly when I’m next online after New Year.

Inspecting ruins

The individual missions themselves seem a varied enough bunch, a mix of stuff that is taken directly from the story mission arc and some other related tasks. It was satisfying enough to zoom around a largish area on my speeder taking in the vistas on this beautifully designed planet while completing the necessary activities.

Speeder-tour of Ossus

Having stealth makes for particularly smooth progress as I can ignore the trash packs that dot the landscape – it would be an interesting contrast to try this content on an alt just to see whether there’s much difference on a class without stealth; but since I have no alts through the dual ‘Knights’ expansions that’s not so easy at the moment.

The gameplay scratches the exact same itch that had me running Minas Tirith dailies in Lord of the Rings Online; only this is actual end game content that I can easily do on my current mediocre-geared main. This return is definitely meeting my current desire for some Sci Fi MMO gaming. I might even pick up in January where I left off on an Imperial alt to see the ‘Knights’ expansions content from a second/contrasting perspective.


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3 Responses to Back to some dailies and maybe more #SWTOR

  1. Shintar says:

    Yeah, the mission with the relics is unfortunately bugged. It seems to be related to what instance you’re in, as sometimes switching helps. It’s like the objectives become bugged after a while but if you can find a new instance they’ll be fine. You can tell if it’s working or not because they show up as pretty big glowing piles if they work as intended. Hopefully Bioware will fix the bug once they are back from their holidays.

    If you’d really like to see Ossus from a different perspective, they do give you an option to skip straight ahead with all the previous missions being auto-completed for you.

    • Shintar says:

      Also, you can’t just say you’re on Ossus without commenting on what you think of the story changing direction back to Rep vs. Imp. 😀 Would be interested in hearing how you liked it as a more infrequent player.

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