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On Monday my husband ran a guild activity in World of Warcraft: a kind of “Hide and Seek” across the zones of Kul Tiras. Each alt was logged off during the day in an out of the way location, we then had clues in guild chat when he logged each alt back on as to where we could find them.

There were points for reaching each character first, second or third out of all those participating and some prizes at the end for the highest score.

The clues had us all racing all over specific zones looking for each character in-game. Their content hinted at aspects of lore, area names, NPCs or features of the map itself. Great fun was had by all, with guild chat filled iwth banter and laughter as we raced back and forth. It was a great excuse to take a break from questing or grinding and to just travel around these beautifully crafted zones.

Looking at the map in more detail than normal was important. Also thinking back on all those quests that we did as we levelled through the zones was useful. Some of the clues were more cryptic than others – this mixed approach gave everyone a shot at guessing some of the locations correctly.

As I write this I wonder what other guild activities are possible? This was competitive, albeit good-natured, since we were racing around to find each character. I’ve read several times on other blogs about guilds hosting lore quizzes for prizes, but again that’s competitive.

I took part in a similar hide and seek event in Neverwinter years ago. I also remember taking part even longer ago in a climbing/jumping competition in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

What kinds of player-created guild activities have your guilds come up with? I’d love to read some examples. Were any cooperative instead of competitive? I’m wondering whether the dungeon building toolset of Neverwinter or Everquest 2 might allow a “escape room” style series of puzzles or something inspired by the Crystal Maze?




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