Holiday gaming expectations

Work has gone a little crazy in the run up to Christmas, though at least I will be off for nearly two weeks. We’ll be spending the holidays with family as normal so actually I probably won’t have a huge amount of free time for online gaming. If anything it’s more likely we’ll get some Starfinder / Dungeons & Dragons sessions squeezed in in-between the various family get-togethers that are planned.

There’s also the imminent arrival of patch 8.1 in World of Warcraft next week, a content dump that will offer some kind of new quest-content weekly through this same period. I’ve not yet stepped foot in the current tier’s raid, so the big new item of the new raid isn’t aimed at me as a player.

Otherwise I plan on playing some more Lord of the Rings Online as well, but am well aware that time to play a game on my own is going to be even scarcer than time for playing WoW or tabletop rpgs. I decided yesterday to cancel my long-standing Elder Scrolls Online subscription for a bit at least as I’m simply not getting any playtime out of it. I can’t see myself getting into Norrath at all this Christmas either for my somewhat traditional dip into the Frostfell festival.

I’ve been feeling like I have too much on my plate of late in multiple senses and that includes trying to play too many MMORPGs at once, so for this Christmas I’m going to narrow it down to just the two: World of Warcraft with friends/family and LOTRO as my side-game. I’ll revisit this list when the holidays are over and we’re looking ahead at 2019…

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