Alts of the same class?

I was struck when playing on Anor that levelling the same class a second time is something I very rarely do. I treat alt characters in MMORPG as variant gameplay or kind of like new content. Replaying the same quests and stories on a sufficiently different class does help to prevent boredom creeping in.

The longest run I had of such a character was a second Druid in World of Warcraft that I played as guardian in a leveling group some years ago. He started at level 1 and reached level 67 before the group’s enthusiasm fizzled. It was a very different play experience from that of my Balance Druid main. We had started the group to re-play all the post-Cataclysm dungeons and I volunteered to tank, so it made sense to play this particular class as I’d never played my main as anything other than Boomkin.


This topic came up because of playing a second almost identical Rune-keeper on Anor in Lord of the Rings Online. Playing through the same starter zones on the same character class feels rather familiar, too familiar in fact.


In this second case I’m not leveling a new role/class combo for a specific reason beyond wanting to play Rune-keeper currently and needing to start again to play on Anor. I remain on the fence about the whole thing though.

Funnily enough I did create a Cleric without even thinking about it on Rift Prime’s server back when I was playing that. Classes in Rift are less clearly defined though as the soul system is what you actually build a class combination from and I played multiple different combos while on that server so didn’t feel that it was that similar. Other than those three examples, I can’t think of any other MMO where I’ve had any reason to consider a repeat character class. What other reasons are there for playing the same character again? I’m pretty sure several of the Blizzard Watch podcast crew have many alts of the same class in World of Warcraft; there’s one particular player in my WoW guild who has a thing for Shamans. Personally I don’t see the point, but what about you?

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  1. Shintar says:

    I’m in the same boat as you in that I want all my alts to feel different. It’s becoming a bit of a problem for me in SWTOR actually, as I enjoy the levelling game but have several characters of all classes by now and am running out of good justifications to make yet another #insertclasshere. 😛

  2. Despite my alt obsession, having multiple alts of the same class is not something I’ve ever been able to do to any significant degree. Even I can’t quite stomach that level of repetition.

    I do have a second rogue in WoW, but to say I only play her rarely would be an understatement. I’ve had her since Cataclysm (or even Wrath?), and she’s still under level 40.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    I don’t just have multiple characters of the same class, I have multiple characters of the same class, race, gender and alignment. In GW2, for example, I have three Elementalists, all of whom are female, two of whom are Asuras. I have four rangers/druids, two of whom are male Charrs. I have at least two of every class except Thief – I think I only have one of those.

    At least those are all on different accounts. In some MMOs I’ve had two or more of the same class on the same account. I can’t really say I’ve ever thought about it. I just make characters I want to play and if I like a particular class and I play the game for a longish time I’m almost certain to make more than one of that class. Once I’ve created them they develop a personality and become their own person and that’s that.

    As for repeating the content, I repeat content because I like it, usually. It can be interesting to do it again on a different class – I certainly enjoyed going through Heart of Thorns on most of GW2’s classes because it really did play very differently on some of them – but equally it can be disappointing to re-do content I liked on one class and find it isn’t as enjoyable on another. I would usualy be revisiting it because I wanted to have the same experience that I enjoyed the first time.

    Of course, some MMOs just don’t have more than one class I really like. I struggled in Dark Age of Camelot to find anything other than the Skald that I could stand to play, for example. I don’t think I ever made a second Skald, though – I doubt I even filled all the available character slots.

  4. Nogamara says:

    Hmm, looking at WoW: My Rogues are 110, 101, and 90. Warriors at 110 and 101. Paladins at 110 and 100. I just finished my 2nd Consular (= 2nd Stealth Sith/Jedi) in SWTOR.
    So yeah, I usually want one per faction, so that’s 2 already. And Rogue is my favorite class, so 3 was barely enough when I played WoW 😛

    • Telwyn says:

      SWTOR doesn’t count actually as the two advanced classes make much more of a difference to playstyle I found compared to talent trees or the like.

      • Nogamara says:

        Yeah, you can argue there’s 8 classes without a problem, I tend to agree.
        But I was just being vague (not wrong, I swear :P) – I do have a) a Sage and b) a Sith Assassin and c) a Jedi Shadow – so a and c are the same base class, but b and c are the same real class, just on different factions.

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