A pictoral farewell to Wildstar

For my final IntPiPoMo2018 post of the month and year I decided to give my own nod to Wildstar, the colourful MMORPG that shut down yesterday. I wasn’t able to be in game for the shutdown itself, I’ve never actually managed that in any MMORPG that I’ve played. In any case this selection of pictures is posted as my tribute to a game that I enjoyed.

Best mount in any MMORPG ever, the Snarfelynx

I loved everything about this mount: the mount animation where it swallows you in a graceful somersault, how bouncy it is, how it weaves across the landscape.

My main an Engineer

At home with his favourite two ‘bots.

On adventure in Arcterra doing a group event.  I loved the play mechanics of my Engineer, good ability graphics and fun tanky/dps gameplay.

The real star of Wildstar, the world of Nexus

Arcterra was pretty!

Malgrave in all it’s sun-bleached badlands glory

The mountains of Algoroc

The eternal sunset over my house in the sky

Farewell Wildstar!

My Chua Spellslinger is sad he never made it to level 50

IntPiPoMo2018 total 50/50

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