Favourite mmorpg alts #IntPiPoMo2018

This latest post in the IntPiPoMo series for 2018 is showcasing my love of alt characters in various games, I have normally a main character that I play for the bulk of any time that I’m active in-game. However, one aspect of MMORPGs that I enjoy the most is the variety of playstyles within a given game that can come from the choice of class that you play. So having alternative characters allows you to experience the game and its content from a different perspective.

In no particular order, here are some cherished alts and their screenshots:

Belnius, Resto Shaman – World of Warcraft

He was my main character for a couple of expansions, but I’m back to playing Boomkin since Legion. Shamans are a class I do like a great deal though in terms of the class “fantasy” or aesthetic. I love the water-themed healing graphics for Restoration Shaman in WoW especially since they were updated – they animate beautifully.

Healing streams

For me the attraction of WoW’s Shamans isn’t just in the main combat abilities, but rather the amount of utility they bring – Water Walking, Heroism, Tremor Totem, the list used to be even longer. I guess I’m a sucker for cool non-combat abilities and Shamans get to bring that whilst looking really cool as well!

Revenus, Templar, Elder Scrolls Online

A much-loved but currently somewhat neglected character in Elder Scrolls Online is my Altmer Templar. He was part of a leveling trio and has largely been stuck in Eldenroot for the last year or so since we last played together. But thanks to my love of crafting he has continued to be logged in order to practice his Blacksmithing.

Targash, Hunter Ranger – Neverwinter

Nature-themed characters appeal to me from my long years of playing Dungeons & Dragons offline. Druids aren’t available in Neverwinter as yet so Rangers fill that thematic niche. That you could build Rangers to provide support buffs in group content as a side effect of their attacks intrigued me.

The graphics for Rangers are somewhat subtler than my other characters but still nicely themed.

Belnius, Rune-keeper – Lord of the Rings Online

The character that I’ve played solo in Lord of the Rings Online other than my Champ main are recently anyway my Rune-keepers, one on Laurelin that I’ve levelled on and off this year and now a new incarnation on Anor.

Rune-keeper the second

The healer-ranged damage dealer class is often my favourite archetype (see Shaman above), maybe the Anor version of this character will get more opportunities to group up to do some dungeon healing too. The class aesthetics are very appealing, I love me some runes after all.

IntPiPoMo2018 total 42/50

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