Too soon for nostalgia? #IntPiPoMo2018

Catching up on my blogroll on Feedly has been quite a mission – ten days is a lot of blogposts to read; it seems the blogosphere is quite busy at the moment. Ultrviolet’s post just after I went away mentioned that the nostlagia for old zones on Lord of the Rings Online’s Legendary progression server wasn’t working as their last playthrough of old zones wasn’t that long ago. It’s a feeling I can sympathise with as I’ve dipped into new low level characters on my normal server on Laurelin several times this last year or so – Ered Luin, Breeland and the Lone-lands are familiar enough to me as a result.

Memorable moments

That said I still rolled a new Rune-keeper on Anor just to see what the hype is about. The tutorial is a bit of a slog now, not that it’s bad mind, but more because I’ve run it at least twice pretty recently. I’ve been reading in my catchup of people playing their characters into the 30s or even higher, so I’m way behind as expected.

With more players running around, photobombing is quite the problem…

Chat is busy though with people looking for dungeon groups, so perhaps it’d be worth sticking around at least until I’m high enough for the Great Barrow. That desire is balanced against the feeling I’m neglecting my main character and many alts on Laurelin though. Unlike many of the veteran players this kind of nostalgia trip is aimed at, I’m not up to date and done with all the content in the game. So if I level a new character from scratch yet again I’m delaying my Champion getting any Mordor progress made.

As with Rift Prime and the Everquest 2 servers that I’ve tried, I’m pretty sure the shine on this will wear off quickly for me. Loss of progress outweighs nostalgia in general for me, the thought of starting professions from scratch and redoing so much content is pretty daunting.

In any case running around my favourite zones again on this new alt is a perfect excuse for taking lots of screenshots, we’re still in the month for IntPiPoMo2018 so that makes it worthwhile!

IntPiPoMo total 35/50

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