By land and air #IntPoPiMo2018

I’m back from my travels, and happy to be at home and not moving for a while – holidays are great but travel can be tiring. That said I never tire of travelling around virtual worlds, and how my character does that from point A to B matters to me. Having a choice of mount or travel mode is an important part of character progression and development. Catching up with a few games since I returned, I’ll present some pictures of travel of a more personal nature than the earlier posts in this IntPoPiMo series.

Guar, Elder Scrolls Online

I love my Guar mounts in Elder Scrolls Online, and when I saw this Shadowghost guar advertised upon logging in a few weeks ago I had to buy it.

Griffon, Guild Wars 2

Although not my favourite mount for this character, unlocking the Griffon was a pretty big deal in Guild Wars 2 so I have to use it nowadays. The limited flight also makes all the difference in reaching some content, like the Mastery Point in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Bunnyroo, Guild Wars 2

Others may call them Springers, but to me they’ll always be Bunnyroos. This is the proper mount for an Asura about town.

Elemental, World of Warcraft

This Shaman class mount is pretty awesome, one of my favourite visuals currently in the game. It’s beautifully animated, is a flying mount (where possible) and coupled with the Shaman Water Walking spell makes for a great ride almost anywhere in BFA’s zones.

IntPiPoMo2018 total 30/50

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