It’s IntPiPoMo time again already, I really have no idea where the year is going! Chestnut of Gamer Girl Confessions is hosting again, go read more about the rules and prizes on her intro post.

IntPiPoMo 2018

This year, this month of screenshot adoration couldn’t come at a better time. I’ll be away for a chunk of the middle of the month, so blog posts would have been on pause. But with IntPiPoMo going on I can easily schedule some screenshot selections to cover the gap.

Chestnut is very kind to offer her time in organising this, and also in further adding some prizes to the event. As a previous winner I greatly appreciated this generosity, not that I need the chance of a prize to encourage me to take screenshots!

Fun with friends

As with previous years I’ll do themed posts to group screenshots from different games together, that’ll take a bit more thought than I have at time of writing this, so more details in my next IntPiPoMo post…

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  1. Meznir says:

    “I, Gamon, will save you!”

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