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Earlier in the week Update 23 went live in Lord of the Rings Online, titled Where Dragons Dwell. I’d seen on social media that the update was coming, but as yet my excitement is muted by the lack of progress I’ve managed to make into Mordor – that content is blocking my main Champion from moving onto the content I’ll probably enjoy that much more in later zones.

Having received a single random piece of gear with the new Light of Earendil stat that is required to make progress in the zone, I returned to the first Mordor zone to give it another try. Needless to say that single earring made no appreciable difference to how squishy and ineffective my Champ feels in this expansion’s content. So I returned him to Minas Tirith to carry on with the reputation grind through dailies. Not the most exciting of content but it’s getting him experience as well and at this point leveling high enough to equip the gear that you can trade for “Ash” in the first Mordor camp is my only idea of how to get past this gear block.

Getting there slowly…

It’s a common enough problem in the MMORPG genre, content is designed for the regular and constant player – if you play sporadically or less frequently progression can be blocked or at least seriously slowed down by the lack of other players in a zone. When I’ve looked into gearing (LOTROPlayers has a good-seeming guide here), the usual refrain in the comments is “go find other players”. I’m sure that worked well enough soon after Mordor’s launch, but now there are several zones of newer content available it’s pretty quiet there. The sheer volume of content to get through to catchup with whatever is current is also a potential issue (e.g. FFXIV…).

For now I’ll keep levelling in earlier content, it is almost a standard approach in MMORPGs to outlevel content that’s too hard for you to complete otherwise. Being higher level won’t bypass the Light mechanic, but it will allow me to equip rep-bought gear that hopefully will make all the difference…

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  1. I returned to Mordor this August and completed the last part of it this week. The gear check is a real pain. You need a lot of Ashes (now re-named in the latest update to Motes) to buy a full set of gear (armour and jewellery). If you can open a few Gorgoroth lockboxes it does make life a lot easier. Once you have the appropriate gear, the Mordor content becomes a lot more manageable and you then find yourself focusing on the things that you enjoy. The Light of Eärendil system is no longer relevant outside of Mordor and I have really enjoyed questing in Mirkwood, Dale and Erebor, where you next travel. Good luck with your progress.

  2. Pasduil says:

    Is it practical to bypass Mordor entirely? It seems like you would have to do a lot of grind just to get the gear to enable you to do even more grind to get you eventually to enjoyable stuff. Or more likely lose the will to live somewhere in the process.

    • Telwyn says:

      Oh I don’t intend to bypass it – just that to solo it I have to overlevel it to be able to buy enough gear for Ash to even stand a chance there. At the moment, even having got to level 108 and upgraded a few pieces of quest gear I cannot kill a single signature mob without using all the cooldowns, potions and buff items at my disposal. That’s way to frustrating a difficulty level for me – “solo open world raiding” isn’t my thing. So I’m playing other content to level up and then gear up to be able to do the content at a difficulty level I find more comfortable. I’ve read on forums that once you have the story done on one character you could ignore it on others, as you have access to gear to pass down – but several people in those discussions recommended doing the Black Book on all characters as otherwise they will be blocked from starting later epic story content?

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