What podcasts I listen to…

I’ve been listening to quite a lot of podcasts lately, some are long-time favourites, others newly discovered. Thought I’d share in this quick post some link-love and highlight what I listen to and why.

Massively OP Podcast

I’ve been listening to this for a long time now, since the site relaunched I think. I’m a fan of Justin & Bree’s humour and critical analyses of MMORPG gaming news – with a broad scope and coverage of all the games I do play, and many that I do not (yet at least!).

Blizzard Watch

My husband is a lot more into World of Warcraft than I, these days, he raids with the guild and knows more about the game’s lore and mechanics than me too. He got me into listening to this and the related Lore Watch podcasts based on his interest in that game. The team do an entertaining job looking at WoW (and the other Blizzard games) in this regular podcast.


This is a relatively new podcast to me, but there’s a big backlog of episodes. It mostly about story writing and story analysis but there’s quite a few episodes with video gaming or tabletop RPG themes as well. It has very engaging hosts and some lively, academic  yet approachable takes on topics, books and gaming – they always link any points or issues back to pop culture references. It’s inspiring my own desire to write more for RPGs.

Dear DM

I really look forward to episodes of this D&D focused podcast, it has a pretty unique premise: each one is a discussion between the host and a guest about questions and issues relating to being a DM (D&D game referee). Some episodes feature well-known game designers from the genre but each one I’ve listened to has been well worth the time.

On top of all these I also regularly listen to the German language news podcast Tagesschau and have begun searching for some Japanese language podcasts for beginners – but that’s pretty off-topic for this blog! Do you have any podcast recommendations for MMORPGs or tabletop RPGs?

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  1. iamkeebler says:

    If you’re still into ESO, a really good podcast is the Lore Seekers. They give insights on the game, have a weekly lore lesson, and then wrap it up with a little roleplay. It’s great stuff!

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