Murkmire prologue quests

I learned via a Massively OP article that the Murkmire DLC is coming to Elder Scrolls Online. According to this same info there was already (at time of reading) a pre-quest available in-game as a prologue to the expansion.

I duly trotted off to Davon’s Watch, since most expansion content starts in my faction’s starter zone. It so happens these quests are in the Outlaws’ Refuge, a part of the city I’ve rarely entered.

Here the short session became confused as there were a lot of quests down there, I’ve not touched the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood DLC content before so the prologue quest(s) became blurred with various nefarious tasks this basement’s shady ne’er-do-wells wanted me to do.

I had the necessary skill point invested to intimidate one NPC upstairs, and eventually after getting sidetracked on aforementioned shady business for some time, I found the location online of where Mme Urzashi’s assistant is to be found. I fear I either missed a crucial clue in the dialogue, or simply I’d left Stonefalls before doing this delve (spoilerific link) so the name would have meant nothing to me anyway.

A visual clue…

I rather like delves as I’ve no doubt posted before – these mini public dungeons are simply fun to romp through. They give plenty of provisioning (cooking) materials and usually you get a bunch of random items that, if nothing else, can be fed to research or deconstruction for other crafting skills.

Time ran out for me, so I didn’t quite get to the daily quest stage mentioned in the MOP article. Unlocking the expansion through dailies sounds like a cool alternative to keep players engaged if they’re not willing or able to purchase it. Personally I know that’s not going to happen since I’d have to log in 24 days in November, that’ll be impossible for me as I have a holiday planned in the middle of the month – so it looks like I’ll be buying it the normal way.


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3 Responses to Murkmire prologue quests

  1. saltycleric says:

    This is one expansion I have zero interest in, from the setting and lore perspective. So think it’s pretty amazing they are offering the ability to unlock it for free – just to get the dungeon and gear/crafting content. If you have the barest of bones laptop you can run ESO – just turn all graphics options to low or off. I’ll sometimes turn the graphics down to 640×480 for giggles or to reduce lag in Cyrodil. You could log in early am on the DL while on vacation just long enough to grab the daily rewards ; )

    • Telwyn says:

      Sadly that’s not an option as we’ll be on a ship with very little Internet access…

      • Sylow says:

        Hmm, you have to set priorities… cancel the trip… 😀 😉

        Nah. I also don’t know if I can make it in November, but it’s still a DLC. So in case I don’t manage, as long as I have ESO+, I will have access.

        And on interest or not: the short set of introduction missions wasn’t that bad. I’m not hyped to heaven and back, but I think it also won’t be that bad. All in all, the games writing did improve in the last year or so. Morrowind, Clockwork City and Summerset have much better storytelling than the older zones.

        Sure ESOs storytelling not on par with good old TSW, but it compares well enough with any other MMO I have played.

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