A fiery welcome back to Neverwinter

My husband and I decided to log back into Neverwinter today, we’re running low on meaningful things to do as a pair in World of Warcraft at the moment and are playing enough of the latter with other friends anyway. For duo gaming I wanted something else to play – we have plenty of MMOs that we’ve played together, it is more a matter of choosing one and having it patched up to play.

So back in Neverwinter…
This D&D themed MMORPG is good for quick sessions and “jump straight into the action” play. Travel around is generally fast and there’s a lot of content that benefits from having more than one player around. The general questing is easy enough at least for most of the levels – but as I found while leveling my Hunter Ranger solo character the level 60+ zones tend to have more of a difficulty/gearing curve to them.

We last played together back almost one year ago, that’s when we started the Elemental Evil campaign, progressing just through to the start of the second of four tiers of content. The game’s zones and story are layered in a fairly standard way: it is well done and I enjoy it, but it can get a bit formulaic.

Welcome back adventurer!
I was pleasantly surprised to have a full on ‘welcome back’ button on the login screen, with an option to teleport back to Protector’s Enclave (in case you logged off somewhere out-of-the-way) and a breadcrumb quest to take you to a quest giver with level-appropriate content. This recognised that our characters were already on the Elemental Evil campaign and reminded us where to go next.

For some time we’ve discussed returning to Neverwinter in order to give the Ravenloft campaign a try, but the fact our level 65 duo characters aren’t quite ready to start it (it’s level 70+ content) was a bit of a discouragement. The easiest thing to do to close that gap seems to be continuing with the Elemental Evil campaign; this time in Gauntlgrym confronting fire-themed adversaries.

As for this new zone, it was mostly easy enough for settling back into the game. Some of the heroic encounters (the game’s version of public events) are definitely not for a duo only – we were flattened in seconds by a magma scorpion soon after starting on the zone’s quests. Thankfully there are others we can do, and we managed a couple while riding around.

On that point at first we were worried there’d be a lack of players – even on the easier heroic encounters having a few others to help always makes it a more pleasant and efficient experience. Despite this being older content the zone did fill up with other players the longer we were there – something I really appreciate about some MMORPGs (notably those using mega-server tech). Having busy zones, even if you’re not actively playing with others, has a positive impact on my mood as I game.

We ended up a round of quests and daily quests with enough of the campaign resources to complete the first section, and having dinged level 66 as well. A few more sessions like this and we’ll be in the mists of Ravenloft!


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  1. Shintar says:

    Nice to hear that they’ve been working on a dedicated experience for returning players, after Wilhelm’s been talking about how many MMOs are very lacking in that area.

    You should be able to get to 70 in no time; they drastically reduced the XP required to get from 60 to 70 in a patch not long ago.

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