Adventures in pictures

A few pictures with captions to round off this week’s adventures in Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft:

Although most people seem to prefer the Shire over any other starter zone in Lord of the Rings Online, for me Ered Luin (Dwarf/Elf starter zone) is the most captivating. It has that air of wilderness about it.

Although I’ve played for years on and off, I don’t remember fighting trolls in this corner of the Lone-lands. I went with fire attacks anyway, just in case.

More runes. This time my Rune-keeper is deciphering some scholarly secrets…

Need to get down safely? My Priest’s levitate spell has your back!

So I suppose the heroic thing to do is to untie it before attacking?

Such a cool troll hut in Arathi!


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2 Responses to Adventures in pictures

  1. Kaozz says:

    Lovely shots šŸ˜ I also think that area is really lovely, some of my favorite areas for leveling. LOTRO has some of the best starting areas for the first 20 levels, they are so captivating. Probably why I never play at the current cap because I am always rolling up new alts šŸ˜‚

  2. Isey says:


    “You poor thing all tied up. Let me free you before running you through. Be a good sport!”

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