A week in MMO gaming

So what does a week look like for me as a multi-MMO gamer? Following on from a non-gaming Q&A post, I thought with this post I’d give a gaming update, with the aim that it shows the sort of mix of gaming I squeeze into a week.

World of Warcraft
While the new expansion feeling still holds I’m playing WoW regularly with my husband and with other friends as well. We played pretty intensively in August and the earlier part of this month. Sessions are a mix of dungeon runs with friends/guild-mates and group questing. Since our main characters are max level that could be running the daily world quests for the emissary reward, doing world bosses or the newish Warfronts. We’ve also been levelling a second pair of Horde characters, currently through Draenor, to have some more trinity-role alternative options for the Horde quartet we have playing through Zandalar.

Fantasy Grounds / Starfinder
Wednesday we managed to sync schedules for some Starfinder, my current tabletop rpg obsession¬† – only most rpg gaming is virtual for me thesedays. It’s just so much easier to schedule a few hours on Fantasy Grounds. We played for a few hours and got through a chapter of the Into the Unknown introductory adventure that I chose to run for the two players. Starfinder reminds me in some ways of Wildstar – it is colourful Sci Fantasy in both setting and mechanics. Next week we have more ttrpg scheduled for Monday but that’s the D&D 5E campaign that I’m running for family via Fantasy Grounds.

Everquest 2
On Tuesday I took my Inquisitor out hunting for elementals in Thalumbra to gather enough currency to snag the costume gear from the pre-expansion elemental event. He has a complete set of the earth-themed armour on now, a change from his tried-and-true magma armour for once!

I also did some low-level questing on a conjurer alt in the Feydark. I’ve been passing through this zone on my main to reach Thalumbra for the elemental farming sessions and it struck me that I’ve never actually played through the zone at level properly. So a little side-project may be to take this character through the Feydark to experience it as intended (I’ve tried mentoring down to do this but it’s not the same).

Lord of the Rings Online
I’ve played LOTRO twice this last week. Both times I did a round of repeatable quests within Minas Tirith (after battle) themed on the clean-up of the city after the titanic battle to defend the city. They’re simple quests in a tight area and are easily done within half an hour or so.

One round of quests uses up my characters rested bonus, so I then parked this character and played a low-level alt for a while: the first time I ran my Runekeeper around some ruins to gather scholar mats and to work on undead-slaying deeds. The second time I instead chose my baby Loremaster and did a loop around Ered Luin gathering ore for his jeweller profession and, again, doing some slayer deed progression along the way.

Elder Scrolls Online
I’ve but Elder Scrolls on a bit of a back-burner for a while, I’m awaiting the new expansion’s release to bring me back in properly. I did take my Dragonknight out for a spin mixing up some main story questing (he’s so behind on that) and a delve in a dwarven ruin. That rewarded me with enough unwanted heavy armour to feed to my blacksmith alt for his researching needs.

So rather a variety of gaming in one week! Not all weeks are this varied or this busy – my free time does vary somewhat, but I try to play at least two MMOs actively at a given time.

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