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It’s some time since Blaugust ended but in the spirit of this community event I’ve decided to answer these questions that Roger answered over at Contains Moderate Peril. This is a set of ‘summarise your personality’ type questions, unrelated to gaming, so feel free to skip this post if off-topic isn’t your thing. The original set goes to a rather arbitrary 26, I’ll stop at 15 because of my own blog post length standards.

How do you drink your tea?
Literally all the ways. I do, stereotypically, drink black tea with milk but also drink a lot of herbal teas, green tea and rooibos. Oh and I never, ever, drink Earl Grey tea with milk (heresy!).

Favourite dessert?
Tiramisu is my absolute favourite, but that’s a double-edged sword. I’ve had amazing restaurant and home made Tiramisu (most notably in Italy but not limited to there). I’ve also had many average ones in London restaurants, and even some terrible approximations of it.

Favourite season and why?
Summer. I increasingly dislike the cold and wet, we had a stunning summer this year but in general the UK is too cold and damp for my tastes.

What cheers you up?
Other than warm sunny weather you mean? Gaming with friends, especially tabletop rpgs in person, but also online stuff to.

Dogs or cats?
I grew up with both. Dogs every time. Cats are great to have nearby, they keep bad stuff out of your area – but from my own experience dogs are better companions.

What’s your dream holiday?
A long cruise holiday, we’re addicted to them but I can’t justify the cost and time of work for a proper long-haul cruise. I’d love to spend 3 weeks + cruising around SE Asia.

How many kids do you want?
None. I’ve been an uncle since age 16 and recently became grand-uncle – that’s always been enough for me.

Favourite weather?
Warm and sunny. I’d say mid 20’s C as that’s a comfortable level of warmth to me. Going for long summer walks is a thing for us so that’s the right weather for it.

What would your last meal be?
A Sunday roast probably. Gotta love roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding!

You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose?
I’d want to spend time in early Weimar era Berlin – before the economic crash and the bad politics (mid-late 1920s) – a swinging time!

If you where a ghost, who or where would you haunt?
I’d rather it were a ‘positive’ haunting than a simple tormenting or revenge thing. So I’d haunt a University library (Senate House perhaps?). I could at least help students with their essays or berate them for poor work!

What is your family ancestry?
It’s been traced back to army of William the Conquerors that took the English crown in 1066. Apparently we’re from Alsace originally.

What scares you?
Politics today: the self-interested, cynical and manipulative nature of so many politicians. The utopian vision of humanity from Star Trek: the Next Generation that I grew up with is receding from our future not getting nearer as I see things today.

What are you most grateful for?
My husband, my family, treasured memories of time spent together.

Dream job?
A travel writer. I’m far away from realising it, I work in IT systems support, but I always wanted to be paid for spouting opinions about far away places.

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  1. Marathal says:

    Z & Cinder have been posting blog challenges for the last 2 years?? I forget when it started. Comfy Questions was the most recent #40. It’s always great to have something to prompt you to write. You can find their blog challenges here.

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