So much to do #LOTRO

One of the attractive aspects of MMORPGs to me is the sheer amount of potential stuff there is to do in any one game. Multiply that up by a desktop littered with MMO icons and you have so much choice of what to do. Logging back into Lord of the Rings Online, I have been reminded of how much content I have to do. I’m writing here about just content, let’s not get started on crafting or levelling alts…

Alts can benefit from hand-me-down recipes

Firstly there’s the questing that lies before of my main champion character. He’s barely scratched the surface of the Mordor expansion, and doesn’t seem likely to get very far anytime soon as it’s just such a massive difficulty spike. But, I came back to the game the last time without that much time to catch up on more recent content ahead of Mordor’s launch. I’ve been wandering the Wastes area just north of the entrance to Mordor and there is a lot of questing to be done there – which is comparatively very easy to solo.

The questing is well organised and plentiful. I’m gathering the various barter items too which might allow me to upgrade some of his gear enough to make Mordor slightly less painful eventually. For now, I’m just happy leveling him, this content still counts towards levelling and have already dinged him two levels to 107. Progress is progress so it’s good for now.

The most recent content I’ve done is a cave network called ‘Skoironk’. Again there are a bunch of quests when you enter this easily missed cave entrance off the main road. Wandering around the looping passageways, I feel I’ve built up a good rotation again now, I even was forced to start using some of the cooldowns that I’d completely forgotten about.

Power extreme!!!!

Maybe by the time I get him high enough to buy a few pieces of the Mordor barter gear with the ‘light’ buff stat, I’ll actually feel combat ready for the higher difficulty beyond the Black Gate!


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