Horde catch-up #WorldofWarcraft

Our small circle of World of Warcraft friends have mostly been Alliance-focused over the eleven+ years we’ve been playing together (with some gaps), but we’ve had a Horde ‘mirror-guild’ for most of that time too. Indeed the first few years of my MMORPG gaming were exclusively in WoW because there was so much content to be enjoyed by rolling different alts of various races across both factions.

In the last two expansions we’ve barely done any Horde-side play at all, we did play through Frostfire Ridge to see that Horde-specific starter zone in Draenor when I was working on unlocking flying in that expansion. My husband and I decided just recently to pick up two Horde alts again to get them levelled to the Battle for Azeroth zones – my orc warlock (my 2nd ever character in WoW after my night elf druid) and his tauren druid.

One plus of this expansion’s story (for someone with zero interest in actual PVP) is that both factions have separate story again. Although cutscenes have varied in Legion, and which big bad NPC you were following sometimes switched, for the most part the story was the same for both. In BfA there is more it seems to see as Horde players. We have one character each already in Nazmir, but they’re part of a sporadic static group, so leveling a second pair of characters gives us a chance to see the stories of other zones sooner.


That’s one of the downsides of being a MMO blogger: it is so easy to read spoilers in my day-to-day diet of blogs, news sites and forums. Since some have already completed all the levelling zones some time ago, talk online naturally shifts from “first impressions” and abstract to more detailed analyses. So there’s some inevitable pressure to get the first play through done – we care about the lore so do not like spoilers at all.

It seems a bit weird so soon in an expansion’s life to be returning to old content, but then this expansion is going nowhere for the next two years, there’s plenty of time for the more grindy aspects (gear, dungeons etc). So we’re back in Draenor making quick progress through the Frostfire Ridge zone for only the second time. We’ll still be playing our Alliance characters as main, I still haven’t finished the war campaign for instance, but when playing as a duo I’d rather focus on story and that “new expansion” experience over progression elements.

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