Final stretch… #BlaugustReborn

So we’re in the final part-week of the Blaugust Reborn blog writing event. It’s been great fun to take part in this resurrected community blogging month, a lot of writing and a lot of reading. Seriously, the positive effect it’s had on my blog feed cannot be overstated.

Now that it’s almost over I’ll be returning next week to my normal ‘post every other day’ schedule. Keeping a daily posting routine is too much effort in the long-term. Plus I’d like to spend more time on other writing (mostly ttrpg prep or other related activities) as we transition into Autumn.

The event has had a new dimension this year, again at least for me, with the attendant Discord server. That provided a central place for some interesting discussions and great blogging tips – I only wish I’d had the time to keep up with all the content there.

The event has refreshed my enthusiasm for blogging and given me plenty of new blogs (to me) to read. My thanks to Belghast for taking the initiative to bring the event back this year, and for the excellent weekly structure given as a framework!

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