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I’ve written on occasion of how much I like the alchemy profession or its equivalent in MMORPGs. Crafting potions brings some much-needed utility to your character, not just the ‘red and blue’ potions that many would first think of.

Yesterday while snatching some time away from Azeroth for Elder Scrolls Online, I continued the main storyline in Wrothgar. It’s a testament to the flexible nature of gameplay in that game, and perhaps to my stubbornness that I spend a lot of time ‘sneaking’ around as a platemail-wearing Dragonknight. Sneaking just about possible although my lack of true Rogue-style experience means I’m often a bit inept at it. In this particular quest, I was sneaking around a temple – the priest told me in clear terms to not set off the torch-bearing guards.

Time was running short after lots of successful stealthy lurking, scuttling and hiding behind furniture. I’d gotten to the first objective but needed to make it back across this room, where suddenly there seemed to be a lot more guards and they weren’t patting. So after checking my bags I did the only thing I could think off, I drank an invisibility potion and ran full tilt across the room to the door that’d take me to safety. The potion only lasted about half way across, mind, but that was enough to take me past and out of sight of the torch-bearers. I could go play a Nightblade, or take some skill points in stealth or whatever, but then that’s the point of this post – why worry when you can bring the potions instead?

Since the Legion expansion in World of Warcraft, that game’s alchemist profession has had some wonderful utility potions. Not game breaking or even that widely useful, but very fun or of great help situationally. One of my favourites was Avalanche potion – a quick way down before flying was unlocked again, very useful in places like Highmountain where you could find yourself way above an objective without a quick and safe path down to it (admittedly this same character has flap, but the potion can work for anyone).

Darned hard to photo the avalanche effect…

Another fun one is the Potion of Old War, a single attack by two ghostly warriors for some extra damage when burst is needed. Mostly cosmetic now I suppose as the damage isn’t likely to scale with this new expansion, but an imaginative potion for an alchemist to have!

Finally there’s the new Sea Mist potion – a combination of slowfall and waterwalking? Great!

I greatly appreciate the effort that was put into adding utility potions to both games – it’s a great addition to broaden out your character’s options for avoiding combat and moving around unhindered.




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  1. Alunaria says:

    Those sound fun, I had no idea about Sea Mist. 🙂

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