Staying motivated #BlaugustReborn

We’re into the penultimate week of the Blaugust Reborn blogging event already! This week has the theme of ‘staying motivated’, i.e. sharing tips on how to keep writing after such an intensive few weeks. It feels like a particularly apt topic as the weather turns colder and the summer draws towards its end, this year has been a wonderfully long and warm summer replete with gaming.

For me, the event itself is increasingly being dominated by World of Warcraft and the Battle for Azeroth expansion, as the event and expansion launch have overlapped. That is a rather mixed blessing as the launch has seen most of my game time for the last week and a half vanish in the face of the swathe of new content to play. Thoughts automatically turn to exploration, crafting, main and alt leveling, new dungeons and all the other potential activities a new expansion brings. It’s all very exciting, although that is tinged by the certain knowledge that “slow down” (as a wise pandaren would say) is the best approach to the content for me.

That skybox though…

All this excitement at the new content is tinged with a note of regret or guilt for me, because I have so many other MMOs I also want to be devoting time to. I’ve rarely played just one MMORPG, after that first year of WoW back in 2007/8 I doubt I’ve ever only played one for any length of time. Expansions do grab the attention of course, and offer so much content in one go that it is easy to be focused for a time, even for me. It’s not my normal way of enjoying a game though, it never was even when I mostly played single player or local coop titles in earlier decades.

I’ve not played Elder Scrolls Online for more than the 5-10 minutes it takes to set of research and collect the daily reward for over a week, haven’t had any time to log into Everquest 2 to look at the summer event either (though I’m not subbed so that’s a moot point). This applies to Blaugust and blog writing in general, for me at least. Playing the one game all the time certainly makes it harder for me to come up with blog post ideas. This blog and the majority of its content is inspired by the variety of games that I play and comparisons between them.

Tamriel is pouting at me

So my tip for keeping motivated is to make time for something different, topic-wise, length or format-wise. Play something new or abandoned, play a shelved alt character. A change of topic or pace can be great inspiration for blogging. Keep writing!

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